Business & Finance

Brand Strategy Vs Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy Vs Marketing Strategy: What’s the Difference?

Did you know the average business spends around 1% of its revenue on advertising? You might be spending the same ...
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Open-source software

Why Businesses Should be Using Open Source Software

Open-source software is being embraced as an invaluable tool by businesses in a whole range of different industries. The reason ...
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Why A Business Needs Outsourcing

Why A Business Needs Outsourcing?

Did you know outsourcing is one of the best ways to increase your business? Did you know that there are lead ...
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Forex Brokers

What To Know About The Best Forex Brokers

As the best forex brokers in South Africa, there are things which are done differently and that is what you ...
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income Tax Tips

3 Tax Tips New Business Owners Need to Know

As a new business owner, tax season can feel extremely intimidating. There are new processes to learn, new forms to ...
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PAMM Account

Some Basics You Need to Understand About PAMM Forex

What is PAMM? It refers to the Percentage Allocation Management Module. Here, a professional forex trader manages trading amounts from ...
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Best Transcription Services for Bloggers & Writers

The Best Transcription Services for Bloggers & Writers

Transcription is the process of converting information from an audio or video format to a text version. Such transcribing is ...
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Car Loan at Lowest Interest Rates

5-Step Guide to Securing a Used Car Loan at Lowest Interest Rates

India has never seen such high demand for used cars before. As Indian manufacturers are nurturing an organized market for ...
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Employment Law

What Small Business Owners Should Know About Employment Law

As a small business owner, you should be aware of the employment law regarding the hiring of employees. This is ...
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Effective Business Presentation

How to Make an Effective Business Presentation

The very question of making something effective seems to be a troublesome one. In general, it takes a lot of ...
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