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2021 Predictions: Marketing, Advertising, and Mobile Visitors

Nowadays, it is common to see push notification ads and all kinds of mobile ads, and the rate of user interaction with such marketing methods has increased dramatically. According to studies, Targeted mobile visitors & advertising increased by 65% ​​in 2014 and by 48% since 2020 and is still growing.

Reports indicate that in 2019 alone, the cost of digital advertising worldwide increased by about 17.6% to $ 333.25 billion. This means that for the first time, half of the global advertising market is dedicated to digital marketing.

What is mobile advertising?

Targeted mobile traffic & advertising is a term used for advertisements displayed on mobile phones. Text messaging, click-through and installation ads on mobile apps or web pages, flash videos, in-game ads, and audio ads are all included.

This type of advertising is designed and optimized according to the screen size of mobile phones and uses traditional methods and strategies to collect the data it needs. Examining marketing campaigns, it can be concluded that in recent years, mobile advertising has been one of the most important innovations in the field of marketing. The main advantages of mobile advertising can be increased customer engagement rate, cost-effectiveness, and the possibility of establishing a personalized relationship with the user.

The combination of the mentioned factors is effective in accurately targeting the audience and significantly increasing the interaction rate and increasing the income of advertisers and developers.

Types of mobile ads based on the advertising model.

Mobile advertising is basically divided into 4 main models. The mentioned advertising models can be listed as follows:

Rewarded Video Ad

Award-winning video ads are mostly in-app ads. This means that while working with an application, short promotional videos are displayed, and a predefined reward is allocated to the user.

Interstitial Advertising

Intermediate ads are displayed as full-page banners or pass-through videos, regardless of user preferences, when using various applications or browsing web pages, at predetermined intervals. Passable videos are a group of video ads that the user can stop playing 5 seconds after the start of the show.

Pre-roll ads

Preview ads include 10- to 30-second video ads that are displayed to users before the content of the original video clip.

Native Ads

Matched ads, in perfect harmony with the overall structure of the content, are exposed to users in a completely natural way, helping to maintain the integrity and visual identity of the content and improve the user experience. At the same time, these advertising models are also effective in increasing the income of developers.

  • Types of mobile ads based on cost.
  • Types of mobile ads based on cost include:
  • Cost Per Action

In the CPA method, the costs agreed with the advertising networks are determined based on the number of activities performed by the advertisers.

Cost Per Install

In the CPI method, the costs agreed with the ad networks are determined based on the number of program installs. Using this method helps to increase the number of users of applications.

Cost Per Complete View

In the CPCV method, the costs agreed with the advertising networks are determined based on the number of complete video views. This method is often used in information campaigns and introduces the public to the brand or products.

Cost Per Click

In the CPC method, the costs agreed with the advertising networks are determined based on the number of clicks on the ads.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising

The following are some of the major benefits of mobile advertising:

  • Access to a wide range of audiences
  • Ability to accurately target by considering location and other effective data.
  • Ability to communicate in the simplest possible way and at all times of the day and night.
  • Creating appropriate conditions for understanding and familiarity with users’ behaviors to be economical
  • Ability to provide personalized ads appropriate to the conditions and preferences of users.
  • Ability to have creative options and solutions.
  • High-quality traffic for a website that converts & real conversion rate.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Creating an atmosphere of participation and interaction
  • Help introduce new brands and products.
  • Increasing the income of developers
  • Increase the purchase rate.
  • Increase referral rates and website traffic.
  • Increase the amount of application installation or program download!
  • Increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

What Makes a Success in Mobile Advertising?

The following are some of the key to success in mobile advertising:

  • Provide engaging and creative advertising content.

Provide engaging, relevant, and creative content to help you engage your target audience and increase their engagement.

  • Compatibility with a variety of operating systems

makes it possible to communicate with a wider range of audiences.


Gathering and paying attention to information such as gender, age, location, and more will help you to target your audience as accurately as possible.

Paying attention to user behavior

Paying attention to user behavior is one of the most important factors that help to attract their attention and meet your advertising goals.

How does mobile advertising help businesses?

Due to the significant number of mobile phone users, mobile advertising is one of the most effective ways to introduce products, services, and brands.

Providing appropriate advertising on mobile phones by providing unique opportunities to communicate with users at all hours of the day and night will help increase user engagement rates.

The last word

Getting the most out of mobile advertising requires a thoughtful approach and comprehensive marketing policies. The Audio platform will help increase advertising efficiency and boost your business by launching a variety of advertising campaigns such as, advanced algorithms, smart and targeted display of ads, support for all languages ​​, and technologies for creating applications and games, and many more. The result of this collaboration will be targeting the most appropriate audience and maximizing the effectiveness of marketing methods.

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