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EMS Billing Software

4 Features to Look for in EMS Billing Software

Every professional needs adequate billing software which helps ensure they get paid for the important jobs they do. Emergency medical services are no different. They rely on EMS billing software to help get invoices out, submit claims, validate data, and maximize revenue for their services.

While these specialized teams focus on emergency medical care, their need to manage cash flow efficiently is justified. The landscape is increasingly challenging and speedy; accurate billing is the key to providing the highest level of service available. Trauma teams work better when their revenue cycle management is positive, and they have access to everything they need without completing repetitive manual processes.

Here are 4 important features to look for in the best EMS billing software available.

Comprehensive Patient Care Reports

Patient Care Reports (PCRs) are the cornerstone of any EMS billing software. They collect and organize data about the patient and the narrative of the situation, which requires the help of emergency medical personnel. Crews should be able to accurately record patient symptoms and the tests or treatments provided by emergency services.

Accurate information and detailed medical records allow patients to receive the highest quality care from multiple parties. Trauma teams use EMS billing software to eliminate redundant tasks while taking accurate and detailed notes to share with the treating physician and insurance company. Comprehensive PCRs provide accurate claims submission and billing information for patients.

Continuous Quality Control

Great EMS billing software has continuous quality control features built in to ensure proper attention is paid to important details. Emergency medical services can utilize pre-built report templates to save time and reduce errors on PCRs which are used for billing and incorporated into patient medical charts. Custom workflow systems and required fields help prevent vital missing information, which can cause claims to go unpaid.

Data is continually collected and analyzed for possible quality improvements. Evaluating active strategies based on current data and PCRs collectively identifies areas of possible improvement. When there are mistakes or inaccurate information, great EMS billing software allows medics to make corrections within the system. This continuous quality improvement model ensures the highest level of service, accurate data, and efficient function, which eliminates wasted resources.

Seamless iOS and Windows Experience

No two emergency medical service teams have the exact same technology, which can potentially complicate the use of EMS billing software. Really great EMS billing software can function well on both iOS and Windows devices for flexibility. It’s important to be able to fully utilize all the technical capabilities of your EMS billing software for effective and efficient performance on both Apple and Microsoft devices.

Optimized EMS billing software provides a seamless experience and PCR management from anywhere, while custom permissions make it easy and secure. Custom fields can also be created, and multiple support options will be available for the ideal function. EMS billing software should provide adequate training and ongoing support options and be optimized to be fully functional for all supported users, whether in the office or in the field.

Billing Preview Screens

Submitting PCRs is necessary for billing purposes, among other things. Great EMS billing software allows individual or batch submissions right from the app to save time. Emergency medical service teams also have the option to submit PCRs manually or automatically. It is essentially customizable to the needs of your specific team and their billing services.

Furthermore, great EMS billing software will have a preview screen to allow information review before invoice submission. This pre-billing review screen reduces entry errors to maximize revenues collected and reduce rejected claims. The percentage of claims and invoices paid increases with accurate and timely billing to ensure that collected revenue increases substantially. Increased revenue and cash flow management mean better patient care delivery.

Update Your EMS Billing Software Today

The right EMS billing software is crucial to managing cash flow and maximizing revenue for emergency medical services. If your EMS billing software isn’t efficient, it makes it harder to deliver high-quality patient care and manage cash flow revenue. If you’re an emergency management team considering improvements to your billing software, then update your EMS billing software today. Be sure the system you are considering offers comprehensive PCRs, continuous quality control improvements, seamless Apple and Microsoft integration, and billing preview screens. If it does, you’ll likely maximize your revenue and eliminate wasted resources.

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