4 Reasons Not to Tolerate Those Work-from-Home Aches of Yours

4 Reasons Not to Tolerate Those Work-from-Home Aches of Yours

Now, every office worker has tried to work from home. And every office worker has learned that work from home isn’t as good as it has been imagined. The main reason for it is that even those small trips from and to the office disappeared and thus, people used to stay at home all the time. It has had a negative impact on their general health condition. And in the case with office workers, their health problems manifested:

  • The pains in the back became unbearable and didn’t allow to work at all;
  • Headaches turned into a constant nightmare;
  • Weight gain became inevitable;
  • Productivity dropped dramatically.

Are these reasons not sufficient to change something?

A standing Desk Is a Solution

You can solve all these issues on your own, by getting a height-adjustable desk. In your case, a small one would work perfectly because you need a proper working place for you only. Check the one that fits into the space that you have. Though a small desk is fine for any space. And make sure the new item isn’t going to disrupt your interior solutions.

A quality height-adjustable desk is a perfect tool to fight efficiently:

  • Pains in the back: you can sit or stand. While in a sitting position, your back suffers from being in a position that isn’t normal, in a standing position, your back can rest. Thus, pains in the back will be reduced or even eliminated;
  • The same will happen with your neck;
  • When the neck is not strained, your brain gets enough oxygen. Hence, headaches will also stop torturing you.

Finally, you can exercise! There are plenty of physical exercises developed for such types of desks. You can adjust the desk height and use your chair to do all of them. It will help you to be fit and healthy.

Add a Perfect Chair

However, just a desk is not sufficient to create a perfect place for you to work. A chair is an integral part of your comfort. Thus, buy it.

A comfortable chair shall have armrests, a headrest, and its back shall follow the natural curvature of your body. In such a case, your back and neck will be supported in the optimal position. A good chair shall be adjustable to allow you to work efficiently.

You can find plenty of chair models in absolutely different colours. So, don’t forget about aesthetics, too. Choose the one that was created for your home office. Then, you will enjoy it.

Finally, Buy a Carpet

Of course, we mean an ergonomic carpet. It will distribute the load on your feet in a way to not make them overtired when you are standing. Thus, you will be able to sit or to stand while working, and your feet will not bother you. You might ignore this detail but with it, your office arrangement will be complete, indeed.

What about the Arrangement of Your Desk?

Now, when the basics are arranged, get all that you need to have your items and documents by you. Choose a nice organizer to keep the most important things on your desk. Add a drawer. Buy it from the same manufacturer you have bought your desk from, and don’t worry about the design. It will be perfect. Install nice shelves and even make them rotatable or fix them on a lift system. And that’s it, you have a functional office where you can spend hours without any harm to your health. In a while, you will see that all the invested money was worth it. Your productivity will grow, and your health will not deteriorate anymore.

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