Best Remedies for When You Feel Sick

5 Best Remedies for When You Feel Sick

Whether you have the light flu or a cold, you’re probably looking for ways to feel a bit better when you’re feeling sick. While some sicknesses may call for prescription medicine, other ailments may be alleviated through top remedies. If you’re feeling under the weather, here are a few things you should have at home to feel better:

Drink healthy teas

Several herbal teas have blends designed to help provide you with the properties you need when sick. From herbal tea that has star anise to green teas created for wellness, you want to ensure you stock up on healthy teas so that you’re ready to reap the benefits of these teas when you get sick.

You can also make your herbal tea at home using ingredients like ginger, garlic, and cloves. Make sure to add honey to soften the kick of some of these flavors. Plus, honey is excellent for soothing sore throats, and natural honey can be beneficial for anyone suffering from local allergies.

Use ginger in your food

Ginger is an excellent remedy for illnesses, as it can help anything from stomachaches to upper respiratory tract infections. If you have a sore throat, boiling some ginger and adding some honey can help to soothe the pain.

Whether you drink ginger tea or add it to your food, rest assured that ginger is a valuable item to have in your fridge that can help you feel better as soon as possible, along with an array of natural supplements.

Take your vitamins

Although this can be more helpful before you get sick, taking your vitamins can still benefit you as you try to heal from whatever illness you may have—vitamins taken while sick can help your immune system do its job and keep you healthy. Consider investing in a vitamin subscription that makes it easier for you to get everything you need.

Along with having an array of vitamins, including vitamin C and D, you also want to make sure you’re eating healthy food like nutrient-rich chicken soup as you strive to recover.

Take a warm bath

When you have chills or body aches, a warm bath can help to relieve symptoms and help soothe your tired body. If you have essential oils or Epsom salt, this can help you feel less achy. For those with fevers, the warm bath may help you lower it.

While not necessarily always a remedy for sickness, taking a shower or bath and feeling clean can also improve your mood, which can help you quickly get better. One thing is sure; a hot bath is a great way to calm and soothe a tired, achy body.

Take probiotics

If what’s bothering you is an upset stomach, you may need to take a look at your gut’s health. You may find that probiotics aren’t only helpful for your gut but for your overall immune system and can help you stay healthy, especially during uncertain times, like the one we’re living in.

Taking probiotics while on antibiotics can help you with your energy levels, so consider always having some in your home for any type of illness you may be feeling.

In Conclusion

In some cases, you may need to visit your primary care health provider, while in other circumstances, home remedies are good enough to help you feel better. These tips can help you feel a level of comfort, so don’t forget how your body needs pampering when you feel unwell.

While for some illnesses, simple home remedies combined with rest may be enough to help you feel better, in some cases, you may want to visit your doctor if you’re not getting better.

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