5 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Businesses

5 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Businesses

The businesses have become convenient nowadays because of many online video conferencing apps, which helps to communicate business owners to more than 100 people in a video chat. These apps can promote businesses, save time, reduce travel expenses, enhance productivity, and reach more people within a second.

The advantage of video conferencing apps is that you don’t need to deal with a customer face to face, you can communicate with more people at a time.

These cloud-based video conferencing apps reduce employee retention. Employees can choose to work from home to communicate, that reduces travel expenses, time, and increases their productivity and effort. Every business can spend more time only on work than anything else, which in turn may bring growth and prosperity for the organization.

Here are some best video conferencing apps that help to maintain a good business.

  1. Avaya Spaces

Avaya Spaces

Avaya gives us the best cloud-based communication platform, which can be used for business, classes, and much more online communication. You can work from home with your team collaboration virtually and visually.

Avaya includes persistent chat spaces and file sharing, and accessible from a browser or mobile app. You can also connect to a larger screen like TV, and can turn your office or room into a shop.

Avaya business version includes up to 200 participants per meeting in a video call. This app is very easy to use, reliable, and user friendly. You can create “spaces” for any particular topic, post, or product, participants can pop into space and message, meet, share content, and more.

Avaya spaces app is available in the Google play store.

  1. Skype for Business

Skype for business

Skype for business is created by Microsoft and it’s free to use and very popular among online business owners. It includes video conferencing calls with up to 250 members.

It’s a very popular business communication app, where you can chat, show products or content, collaborate with other people. It saves travel time and increases the productive output.

Skype for Business provides enterprise-grade security, allows you to manage employee accounts, and is integrated into your Office apps. Skype for Business app is available in Google play store.

  1. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

This is another cloud-based video conferencing app for business, where you can start or join a video conference call with more than 100 members with high-quality screen sharing. Zoom app keeps you securely connected wherever you are. You can create online collaboration and enable a conference room and manage an entire team, all through online.

Zoom has one consistent enterprise experience for all in use cases.

  1. CISCO Webex


If you are working with remote workers, this is the best app for controlling your business in this scenario. It’s virtual communication solutions help to connect and allow members, remote workers to work effectively. You can call, video call, chat, create a meeting, show your products, and promote them. You can collaborate face to face within a second from anywhere, with anyone using this app.

  1. Google Meet or G-Suit

Google meet

Google meet is a secure video meeting app for business. It is trusted by enterprises around the world. You can set up a meeting and share the link, workers or members can join in no matter where they are. You can have a hassle-free multi-person secured video conferencing meeting for your business.

G suit is designed for any kind of business where someone invites you to join the meeting or a webinar through an email invitation or you may join directly via the calendar events. When the host conducts a meeting, there will be an automatic dial-in PIN generated which the guest needs to dial-up through the smartphone and attend the meeting.

So, if you are looking for a better business agenda, and trying to increase and spread your business, you can definitely use these apps to maintain that. Today, the market has become too competitive and we all are trying to stay on top of this competition. With video conferencing apps, we can save time, avoid transportation hassles, reduce expenses, and meet more people to increase our productivity in less than a minute. Try these apps for your business, available in Google play store for android, iOS, PC.

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