Tourist Destinations in India

#5 Most Exotic Destinations for Tourists Travelling in India

India is the ancient land of wealth and wisdom. Humanity attained its supreme form on the Indian soil thousands of years ago. Now let’s fast forward to modern times; nothing has changed with India. Thus, travelers and globe trotters from all around the world make it a top priority to visit India at least once in a lifetime.

According to official records, last to last financial year nearly 12 million foreign tourists visited India. Considering this gigantic prospect in inbound tourism the Indian government is taking necessary steps to make the visa policy less and less strict. In this fast-changing environment, securing Indian visas is even easier for British citizens.

But once you land in India, what are the places you should see?

This is a very valid question for just any foreigner visiting the country. India is a vast country, much larger in dimension than most of the European nations. Moreover, it offers immense geographical diversities. There is a rich treasure of natural flora and fauna scattered all over the nation. Historical sites that weave fascinating tales from different ages of the past are dotted across the length and breadth of the nation.

All these facts confuse foreigners in selecting their destinations while touring across the country. Here is a list of 10 top places that you must visit in India.

#5 tourist destinations in India

Agra, Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, basically a mausoleum built by the great Mughals is considered one of the eight wonders of the world. It is located in Agra, a short distance from the national capital Delhi. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions on the globe. Apart from the Taj, you can also roam across the Agra Fort, the erstwhile city of Fatehpur Sikri, Tomb of Akbar the great, the local Jama Masjid and a lot of other historical sites. The bank along the river Yamuna too has a panoramic appeal. On the whole, Agra is a great weekend getaway from the hullaballoo of Delhi.

Delhi – the national capital

The national capital of India is New Delhi, a city carved out of the already existing city of Delhi. The older city of Delhi had been the citadel of power and administration for the larger part of India over a period covering several centuries. In fact, the history of the place dates back to an era, which is yet to be excavated. One house of rulers after another held sway over Delhi in succession over the ages. They built innumerable palaces, gardens, monuments, and tombs all over the region. Though much of these architectural sites are in various stages of ruin, yet they attract tourists in large numbers to tell the history of the land. Visa Genie is one of the most reliable visa agencies in London that you can rely upon for timely delivery of your visa to India.

Hampi, South India

As per declaration by UNESCO, Hampi is a world heritage site. Stunning man-made architecture built centuries ago over a cluster of hilltops is what Hampi is all about. Some of the grandeur items in this list include the Virupaksh Temple, the Shree Krishna Temple, the Vijaya Vittala Temple, the Hazara Temple, the Zenana Enclosure and the Stone Chariot. Both for history lovers and foreigners, who are not accustomed to India, this place is a great attraction.


Goa is the true party hub in India. Back in the colonial era, the coastal town was under Portuguese control. The town has many stunning buildings and churches based on the Anglo Gothic architecture. A large number of foreigners, mainly Europeans, visit Goa to trace their ancestral history. The region possesses a rich mixture of Oriental and Western culture. Goa’s cuisine is also much different from that of other nearby areas. Soothing climate, friendly locals and mesmerizing music are some of the other factors that make it a must-visit place in India for any foreign national.


The Indian state of Rajasthan possesses a rich history woven in bravery and tradition. It also provides a grand exposure to the Great Indian Thar Desert and the way of life there. The state is home to many historic cities and towns, which exhibit medieval palaces, forts, and temples. There are also many natural lakes and hillocks scattered around the rugged terrain that offers an exotic panoramic view.

The Indian authorities have made their visa policy much simpler. The fees for an e tourist visa to India from the UK are also quite nominal. The standard 3-day service will cost you a decent £123.95, while a 24-hour first-track Express Service £137.95. Apply for your visa today to witness the perennial exotic grandeur of an ancient race.

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