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5 Often Overlooked Camping Tools

5 Often Overlooked Camping Tools

Camping with friends and family can be a fun and enjoyable experience as long as you have all of your essentials. Tents, food, and water are the basics that you typically remember, but there may be some other products you should consider packing. Here are five of the most often overlooked camping tools you’ll need on your next camping trip.

Here are five helpful camping tools that people often forget to bring when they go camping. Make sure you add these to your list.

Fire starters

When you start packing for your camping trip, you’ll probably throw a lighter into your bag so you can create a fire to sit by and cook. However, lighters aren’t always waterproof, making them useless if they get wet. Buying and packing a fire starter tool is the best way to avoid this issue, as most are waterproof and don’t use gas or lighter fluid.

Fire starter tool options include rods with strikers and stormproof matches. Another perk to fire starter tools is that many are reusable, so you can keep using the same tool for all future camping trips.

Portable water filter

Packing bottles or gallons of water is probably at the top of your packing list. However, you should prepare yourself for the possibility of running out of water. Most natural water sources in the United States are not fit for drinking without a purification process. Whenever spending time outdoors, it’s important to be sure you have enough drinking water.

About one in 44 people contract a waterborne illness annually in the United States. To prevent yourself from becoming one of these people, bring a portable water filter with you on your camping trips. Straw filters, water bottles with built-in filters, and purifier pumps are just a few options to help ensure you are drinking clean water.


If you decide to camp outside the comfort of a campground, the nights can get rather dark to the point that you can’t see your hand in front of your face. A headlamp can work wonders at preventing injuries. Using a headlamp frees up space in your backpack, as it is less clunky than a flashlight. It also allows you to use your hands while doing things.

Waterproof cot

Waterproof cots are great things to add to your list of packing essentials, as they can keep you dry and prevent back pain. 

If it rains or snows while camping, the ground and the bottom of your tent can become damp and unpleasant. A waterproof cot will lift you off the ground to avoid getting soaked and cold while you sleep. Your back will also thank you, as sleeping on the ground can be painful.

Baby or wet wipes

Hand sanitizer or soap might seem like great things to bring with you on your camping trip, but these products can damage nature because of the chemicals they contain. Due to this, baby or wet wipes are the better options. You’ll be able to clean your hands without causing harm if you take the used wipes with you.

Wrap up

It is important to be prepared when heading out on a road trip or camping adventure. These items can be life savers when you’re in a pinch. Think beyond the typical camping items when packing to ensure you are ready for every scenario possible. 

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