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5 Tips for House Training Your Dog

5 Tips for House Training Your Dog

Puppies are a fun addition to the family, and golden retriever puppies are a popular breed. They’re loyal, cute, and cuddly, but they also come with a lot of work. House training a puppy is arguably the most challenging task that comes with training. Therefore, you must equip yourself with all possible knowledge before adding a new furry friend to your family. 

House training your dog

Let’s explore the top five tips for house training your dog.

Start early

You must start training your dog at an early age. If possible, always begin house training your dog while they’re still a puppy, as this will make it much easier for both you and the pup. Be sure to come prepared with ideas and solutions so that you’re fully ready to handle all situations that come your way while taking on the challenge of housebreaking your new puppy. 

Use potty pads to help get you started

Utilize indoor potty pads for a more effortless training experience. Potty pads can make it easier to train your dog to use the bathroom outside because they start learning to use the pads instead of the floor, which is converted to the outdoors simply by moving the pads. 

Using indoor potty pads as a training method works well for apartment living or condos where you don’t always have access to a lawn where you can take your puppy out as often as they need to. 

Shower your puppy with praise when they go outside

Research shows rewards are a great way to promote positive change, which holds true for house-training pets. For example, rewarding your dog every time they use the bathroom outside instills a positive connotation with the action. When they learn that performing this action results in a positive outcome, they learn to make it a habit and eventually become fully trained. 

Use a crate when you’re sleeping or away from home

Crate training is another popular method of house-training a family pet. Crate training works because the puppy starts to see the crate as their own space and therefore doesn’t want to use the bathroom inside and mess it up. As they remain in their crate while you’re not home or sleeping, they learn to control their bathroom habits while being contained. 

Be consistent in your training methods

Finally, you must remain consistent with your training habits while house-training a new dog. Dogs are like people, they learn best with a consistent routine and schedule. 

Some ways to stay consistent with training include taking them out at the same time each day. It’s essential to stick to a schedule in the beginning. You should also continue with the methods you have started, such as crate training or the potty training pads, in order to avoid confusing your dog. 

Before you go

When house training a new puppy, it’s important to be patient and understanding. Although it can sometimes get frustrating, utilize these five tips for house training your dog, and remember consistency is key. Your pup will be a pro in no time.

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