5 Ways Your Business Could Grow With Mobile Apps

5 Ways Your Business Could Grow With Mobile Apps

Not so long ago, mobile apps were exclusively used by bigger companies. But, today the game has changed very much, thanks to the users and their mobile usage habits. Right from e-commerce stores to food delivery sites, from healthcare to banking, everything can be done on mobile apps. It has changed the face of how the next generation relies on the apps for their day to day routine. Almost all industries have proved that with mobile apps, it is possible to have effective communication with all their customers.

Every smaller company today is promoting its app to the customers to give them a very customized and unique experience. Having a social presence is fine, but when your business is present on a mobile app, it adds a personal touch. Just like how customers chat and talk with their friends on social media, a mobile app becomes an engaging platform. The features that a mobile app provides is much more than the customers will get on your website or social media platforms. It is a must today for businesses to have a mobile app if they want to grow in this competitive world. Whether your brand is small or big, a mobile app only makes it better. What exactly are the benefits of having a mobile app for your business?

  1. Increases Visibility for your Clients 

An average person today spends about 2-3 hours on the phone and not on a desktop or laptop. So, the best way to connect with your customer is through the phone. This insight will help your business if it has a mobile presence. Your business will be able to grab many more eyeballs than just having a plain site.

Mobile app development in Dubai has changed the face of the fitness industry by introducing an app that connects all fitness enthusiasts from that region. Today, everyone is casually scrolling on their phones all the time. Whether your customer is traveling in the metro, sitting in an office, or chatting with friends from home, a mobile phone is used all the time. Target your customer at this very spot and market your business.

  1. Helps with Geo-Targeting

Unlike websites, mobile apps can be directly targeted to your customers. Right from product launches to sales and discounts to other promotional offers, it can directly reach your customer through a mobile app.

When your customer uses your app, they need to enter their details such as location, age, etc., which enables a business to send out customized messages. Also, various promotional activities and other offers can be targeted geographically, demographically, and also based on shopping behaviour. When your customer has been using an app for a while, he will stick to it if he has a good experience. Also, with direct targeting and your customers’ previous buying record, it is possible to send them notifications about the latest products and other offers.

  1. Helps Build Customer Loyalty

With a mobile app, you have the opportunity to talk to your customer directly. Why should you not make the most of it by introducing a loyalty program? Offer your customers special brand points every time they make a purchase. Make them feel special by sending push-notifications on their birthdays, anniversaries and offer them special discounts. With so many brands offering similar products/services, these loyalty points will make them stick to yours. After all, who doesn’t like being treated special?

  1. Gives your Brand a Recognition in the Market

With so many competitors in the market, it isn’t easy to engage with your customer with just an outdoor print ad. A mobile app makes conversation with your customer and sets your brand apart from the rest. The more ways you introduce to engage with your customer, the better it is. Also, nowadays, most mobile apps come with a sharing option. If your customers like your product/service and want their friends to know about it, they will share it with them. This is what will exactly make you stand out of the clutter and is a much effective way of communication than a print ad.

  1. Turn your App into a Social Platform

The amount of time that people are spending on social media today is quite a lot. They are always checking out what their friends are eating, which places they are visiting, and what photos they have uploaded. So, why not bank on this opportunity to get more engagement for your brand? Make similar engagement features on your mobile app and let your customers use it to talk to their friends. For example, include a photo-sharing platform feature, likes and comments button, and a cool feature that urges them to post content very often. Also, enabling an app log-in button via Facebook or Twitter will also help your customers engage with you more often, makes them buy more, and also retains them.

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