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6 Different Types And Styles Of Pools That Enhance The Beauty Of Your Property

Do you like pool parties? Do you have a dream of a pool in your house? If yes, then we have an idea to fulfill your dream. Nowadays, different types of swimming pools are available for different requirements and areas. The pool-type depends on the availability of material, budget, local codes, lot sizes, etc.; there is also a facility for custom-based pools. This means you can design your pool as you want by instructing the pool builders. They understand your idea and also provide you some suggestions related to the quality and type of pool they are installing.

Before installing the pool, it is necessary to decide which type of pool you want to install on your property and the purpose of installing it. This will helps to save the time and efforts of the pool builder too. First, decide the purpose and then take a tour of the different options available. There are small, large, and even landscaped-in ground pools are available.

To help you make the decision, we offer you a detailed description related to different types of pools. Have a view at these different types:

Family pool

Sometimes, you need to install a pool on your property for organizing get together of your family. For this purpose, the family pool is the best option for you to choose. These pools are suitable when you have a low budget and limited space. They are just like the water park, only a limited area and with fewer people.

These types of pools are also suitable for your children. They can swim in these pools easily because the size of these pools is very small, which is comfortable for the children. If you are a beginner at swimming, these types of pools are best for you. If you want to organize a family pool party, then the family pool is the best-suited pool for your dream pool party.

Lap pool

The fitness lovers might have heard of this type of pool, whereas some people are unaware of this type. A lap pool is a type of swimming pool that is specially built for health and fitness purposes. Usually, these pools are long and narrow are also rectangular. Mostly the lap pools are 50 feet in length. They are generally built on long and narrow lots.

Infinity pool

Infinity pools are known by different names, such as disappearing edge, negative edge, vanishing edge pools, zero edge or infinity edge pools, etc. Infinity pools are custom built pools and are mostly designed in the resorts to highlight a view. The unique feature of these types of pools is it gives an illusion of a sheet from which the water is dropping off over the edge, just as a waterfall. Although there is no waterfall as you don’t hear or see water falling, this type of pool is designed to provide you a feeling of the waterfall. These pools are expensive to install. Therefore, these are best suitable for resorts.

Plunge pool

The plunge pools are small and cold water pools that have been used for several years. These types of pools are generally made for the athletes. After a heated workout or spa session, the athletes and swimmers like to plunge into the cold water as it is believed that it has therapeutic benefits.

Plunge pools are attached to the larger in-ground pool, or sometimes it can be separate. These pools look like a spa as these are used for therapy after the spa.

Indoor pool

These pools are designed to enjoy swimming anytime. With the installation of indoor pools, one can enjoy swimming even late at night, in the winter season, or even at the time of bad weather. The indoor swimming pools are the types of pools that are covered by at least three walls, and these are installed inside under the roof. Generally, these pools are also used for training or swimming throughout the year.

The indoor pools are used for specific reasons, so not all people like to install these types of pools. The cost of installing indoor pools is usually lower than many other types because the pool room is covered, and there are fewer chances of heat to get escape.


The spool is a term that originated from the mixture of two terms that is spa and pool. While renovating your home, you can hire pool builders for custom based spools. Sometimes there is not enough space at your home for large-sized pools, in such case spool is the best option to choose. People can use it for entertainment and also for relaxation. On hot days, people generally use these small pools to cool off. Spools are very reasonable to install as compared to any other type of pool.

Above ground pool

As the name itself specifies that this type of pool is installed above the ground level. You can enjoy these pools in two different ways, i.e., you can get this pool installed permanently with the help of a pool builder, or you can also use it as a portable type of swimming pool. This feature allows you to take the pool anywhere you want.

Generally, this type of pool is used by middle-class families in their homes. Children love to swim and play in this type of pool. There is not any risk involved in above ground pools, so you can enjoy your swimming and relax your mind.

Final words

Now, by installing any type of pool at your property, you can enhance the beauty of your building. The installation of pools has become easier nowadays as one can hire pool builders for these services. The pool builders are professionals and have adequate knowledge related to different types of pools. They also guide you on which type of pool is best suitable for your property. By hiring these professionals, you can save much of your cost and also ensures superior quality. Once you have hired these professionals, you can enjoy its benefits for a lifetime.

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