Tips to Buy and Sell houses in Denver

6 Tips to Buy and Sell houses in Denver, Colorado

Do you need to sell your house fast? 

Are you thinking of buying a house in Denver?

Whether you are buying a house or needing to sell your Denver house it is important that you get a fair deal. Here we will present 6 tips to ensure the next home that you need to sell or want to buy is done in a timely fashion and that you get a great price

We have spoken to several local Denver Real Estate experts who have been involved in the Denver housing market for many years. Shaun, is a Denver real estate investor, that is focused on buying houses, rehabbing them, then renting them out to families. We buy houses in Denver that need a little work. We then go in there and fix them up so that we can rent them out. We like to make them nice so someone can enjoy them as their new home. 

Tip #1 when buying a house in Denver, Colorado.

My tip to someone that is thinking of buying a new home is to make sure you have an inspection done to ensure the house is what it seems that it is. There are many unseen things in a home that can become very costly repairs. For example if the sewer line is damaged and you have to repair that you could be up for 5 or 10 thousand dollars! 

Tip #2 is for when you are thinking I need to sell my Denver house fast

The easiest way to sell a house fast is selling it to a real estate investor. A real estate investor can purchase your house using funds outside the normal mortgage banking system. Often this means they already have the cash sitting in the bank ready to go. Another advantage is that a cash home buyer will typically purchase the house as-is. This means no repairs or renovations that you will have to go through. 

Tip # 3 Understand the value of houses in your area.

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of buying a house or selling a house. If you want to get a fair price then you need to know what the current market conditions are. If you are working with a real estate agent they will be able to look on the MLS to determine what a fair price is. If you are wanting to sell your house on your own there are many online places you can check to see what homes are being bought and sold for.  Take a look at Zillow or Redfin. When looking, make sure that the houses you are comparing yours to are truly in the same neighborhood. Just because they have the same zip code doesn’t mean they will be comparable homes. 

Tip #4 When choosing to work with a professional be sure to check their references.

When you decide you need to sell your Denver house you may need to work with a lot of different professionals. Maybe you will need a real estate agent. Maybe you will need to talk to a lender. If you are having too, or wanting to, fix your house up first then you will definitely need to hire a home renovation contractor. 

When hiring any of these it is really important to get somebody that understands what you need and is on your side throughout the entire process. Checking their references to understand the level of work they will perform for you is very important. Selling your house or buying a new home is a huge deal. It involves a lot of money. It is often the largest purchase of anyone’s life. It certainly is mine. 

With such a large amount of money involved besure to check on Google, Facebook, and ask family and friends for a referral or reference. This way you can sleep a little easier. 

Tip #5 When buying or selling a home, understand your goals before entering the market. 

If you go into the market not knowing what you want, how do you know if you were successful. Also if you don’t know what you want what do you look for? Taking a little bit of time before thinking about selling your home or buying a new one will pay off in the long run. You can create a list of things you must have and things you would like to have. It will help you narrow down your home search. When selling it will help you understand what price you want to sell your house for. 

Tip #6 If you use an agent to sell your house make sure they know how to get it in front of people.

Be sure to ask your agent how the plan to market your property. 97% of people will start their search online. HOw do you know that your house will be at the top of Google’s search rankings? The internet is huge and it is very easy to get lost. Your agent does not need to be an SEO real estate expert however they must understand the importance of getting your house in front of people and having a plan to do so. 

Buying and selling a house can be a very exciting time. Make sure you do it right. Follow the guidelines here and you will be well on your way to a successful real estate deal. 

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