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6 Tips to Derive Maximum Lead Conversion from Your Google Ad Campaign

Is your Google Ad campaign not delivering the results you had expected? Are you experiencing low sales even with high lead generation after spending a large amount of your digital marketing budget? Here are 6 proven tips for Google advertising services to help you make the most of your Google Ad campaign:

  1. Create a wholesome ad copy

For too long advertisers have been complaining about the limited text fields for posting relevant content. But in reality, Google offers different fields to get your message across, within the limit that is based on the number of text users are able to digest. By creating a catchy and aligned ad copy, you can easily get more quality leads redirected to your website.

  1. Optimize your campaigns for Mobile users

In the last decade, the trend of mobile internet usage has risen rapidly. A study suggests that more than 50% of internet searches in 2018 were done on handheld or mobile devices. This means that a large percentage of your target audience is accessing the web on their mobile phones. Optimizing your campaign for mobile searches, or creating separate mobile-only campaigns can help you stand out online and get more leads.

  1. Target your bids on the basis of location

By uploading generic ads, you might be losing out to competitors who target location-specific audience. Depending upon your products, target audience, and their shopping trends, your Google ad campaign should cater to specific geographical locations.

This way, you spend money only on relevant and potential leads instead of every time a user clicks on your ad without an intention to make a purchase. An experienced Google advertising company in Sacramento can help you identify the right message tone and draft an effective geo-targeting campaign that gets you highly latent leads.

  1. Optimize the negative keywords

A major element in creating a comprehensive Google Ad is limiting the use of keywords that provide misleading information to the audience. While using keywords like “free”, “cheapest” etc get the high number of leads, users often leave the website once they realize that what you’re offering is not free or cheapest. So, while your Google advertising services provider might be presenting huge lead numbers, the conversion rate with negative keywords is not really high.

  1. Keep eliminating ads that do not perform optimally

Another great way of managing your campaign costs and getting better leads is to assess the performance of your ads on a regular basis. This will help you understand what tone of messaging attracts more clicks, which keywords are more efficient, and which landing pages deliver the highest lead conversion.

You can, thus, remove the ads that do not provide a substantial return, and invest your time and money in the ads that are getting you more sales. Hiring a professional Google advertising company in Sacramento can help you manage and improve your ad campaign better.

  1. Invest in a shopping campaign

This tip is exclusively for companies and businesses who sell products online. Whether it is a garment, electronics, or heavy equipment, Google product listings can help you sell more than compared to any other online advertising approach. Although the bid prices are slightly higher, Google shopping campaigns deliver high-quality leads that almost always convert into sales.

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