7 Herbs & Spices Your Body Would Love This Winter

7 Herbs & Spices Your Body Would Love This Winter

The arrival of winter is a call to a special body care regimen and if you miss that, you might attract illnesses, flu, and cough along with unhealthy skin and hair. Despite taking all the care to stay away from frizzy cold wind hiding behind the blankets, your internal body strength plays a major role in determining how well you pass the winter season.  Strengthening our body from inside and boosting its immunity is not that tough with a number of healthy herbs and spices available in the kitchen.

So, this winter season, get ready to nurture your body with these herbs and stay healthy all season long.

  1. Ginger:


It is herbaceous perennial, widely used as a spice and found in almost every Indian kitchen. The presence of essential oils like zingiberene, gingerols, and shoals in ginger not only helps in getting relief from the digestive troubles, but also alleviates cold symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. Sipping ginger tea helps a lot in sore throat. You can also mix half a small spoon of ginger juice with honey and take for repeated cough. Ginger is also hugely used in ayurvedic medicines.

  1. Liquorice:


This herb is known as “mulethi” in Hindi and occupies a good position in grandmother’s remedy tips.  Chewing a stick of licorice can keep you away from the diseases of the respiratory tract. It relieves sore throat and its expectorant and bronchodilator properties help in relieving the symptoms of cough, bronchitis, and chronic asthma. You can also boil a stick of this herb in water and have it with honey in the morning to boost your immunity.

  1. Garlic:


Which spicy dish goes without garlic? Be it meat or veggies, adding this pungent herb brings a taste to cherish even after finishing the meal. Well, this herb keeps your body warm, strengthens the immune cells and helps you fight cold and flu. Eating it crushed can be made possible with a little honey. However, roasting the cloves and having them with salad can taste better.

  1. Oregano:


You might be using this herb only with Italian dishes like pasta or pizza for taste. But the benefits of oregano go beyond just a flavoring agent. It has many health benefits for your lungs and respiratory tract, especially for that killing cough you acquire during the winter cold. You can have this on top of your salad or for severe cough, you can also boil a spoon of this herb in water and drink it warm.

  1. Black pepper:


Black pepper has tremendous health benefits and is chosen as the most preferred remedy for winter cold in every house. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties keep infections at bay while giving relief from cough and congestion. The presence of vitamin C in black pepper also helps in boosting the immune system naturally. It also works as an antibiotic and kills the bacteria causing the infection. For cough, you can roast a few seeds of black pepper in cow ghee, crush it and eat for immediate relief. You can also have black pepper powder in warm milk at night time before sleeping.

  1. Cinnamon:


This woody herb has a great flavor and essence. It is used in various dishes directly or in the powdered form. The presence of polyphenols in cinnamon gives it the anti-bacterial property and helps in warding off infection-causing bacteria. Thus, it boosts immunity and keeps us ready to fight winter illnesses. Have a pinch of cinnamon powder every morning with warm water or add in your morning tea.

  1. Turmeric:


Talking about herbs and spices cannot conclude without Turmeric which has become a hot subject of studies and research all over the world. Curcumin found in turmeric has a lot of health benefits including its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancerous properties. In winter especially, turmeric helps in reducing the inflammation of the throat and soothes it. For sneezing and runny nose, having half a spoon of turmeric in warm milk will help you sleep comfortably. You can also use a pinch of this herb in the morning tea.

A little awareness of the health benefits of things around us can keep us healthy and strong naturally. Many people buy ayurvedic products online, but at home also, we can do a lot. This winter, take care of yourself with the help of these herbs and spices and enjoy the season without worrying about sicknesses.

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