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7 Keys to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is the symbol of a couple’s union and possibly the most important piece of jewelry you’ve ever bought. The options can be overwhelming, but (to try to help you) here we give you the 7 keys to choosing the perfect engagement ring.

7 keys to choose the perfect engagement ring

Without a doubt, the fact of commitment is one of the most important moments in a couple, and in itself, it already has an emotional charge to nothing comparable. Even so, we cannot ignore that not a few women expect their partner to surprise them by asking for their hands with a beautiful perfect engagement ring.

The ring of request or engagement is a symbol of love and commitment to the life of a couple. That is why, the sentimental value being always more important than the material, it is so important that your choice ends up being the engagement ring that best reflects your loved one’s personality. It is likely that along with marriage alliances (watch out for the differences between engagement ring and alliances), it is the most important piece of jewelry you buy.

So that you do not panic when you consider the moment of the hand request and decide to buy an ordered ring, here we give you the 7 keys you need to keep in mind to get the perfect engagement ring:

  1. A symbol, special for every woman

The engagement ring is a symbol, a declaration of love that supports multiple forms, materials, and budgets. First of all, it must reflect that symbolic burden but also the way of being of the bride. You know her better than anyone and as soon as you see her you’ll know what the ring is for her. Think about your tastes, your profession or your leisure time activities. Choose something that represents the commitment, but that suits your personality and lifestyle. At Midwest Jewellery we always try to advise you by asking about her style, what she works on or her hobbies, in order to find the most appropriate ring for her among our collection of engagement rings.

  1. Research your style

Engagement rings do not have to have a particular shape or focus solely on a solitary diamond. One of the keys is to reach the balance between timelessness and personal taste. It must be timeless, elegant, but also reflect a bit of the style and personality of the bride. Think of other jewelry you have, if you are passionate about color or a follower of the vintage trend. Remember every little information from the bride, her friends or her mother (or subtly questions) about weddings, rings and related topics that can help you.

Engagement ring

  1. Bet on the essentials

There are two aspects that mark the essentials today in the election of a ring of request: the woman wants to wear it daily, and it must also be a jewel forever. Special jewels are loaded with meaning and therefore we seek their permanence in time. For this, we always think of noble materials such as gold or platinum and diamonds or precious stones to get the perfect engagement ring. The gold ring with diamonds is the star, but if she is a lover of color, do not feel bound only to traditional diamonds: sapphires, topaz, rubies or black diamonds are also an attractive option in Midwest Jewellery. These metals and precious stones will guarantee both objectives of continued use and over time.

  1. Shuffle the possibilities

The trend in engagement rings is wide, but today it focuses on: the classic solitaire diamond, the half-alliances of brilliant, the combination between the two, the incorporation of colored gems and vintage-style rings. These are the five most current types, which captivate celebrities and where you should inquire about which one can best reflect the personality of the bride. If your girlfriend is daring or has a particular taste there are many other rings that can be the perfect engagement ring. At Midwest Jewellery we love unusual challenges.

  1. Gold and diamonds

Diamond is the quintessential stone for order rings. If you attach it to white gold, its brightness and clarity will be further enhanced. Remember that all diamonds are not the same and that to choose the diamond that best suits her, and your budget, you have to take into account the four characteristics that determine the quality of diamonds: color, purity, size, and weight. Review your style, your taste and adjust your budget. There is no basis on what should be spent on an engagement ring and our advice is always to spend something that is right, there is no need to borrow from the marriage project!

  1. Unique design

If after considering all the possibilities you do not find the perfect engagement ring, design your own: there is nothing like creating something completely unique. In Midwest Jewellery we can help you if you have any design ideas to create your own ring, making it a design of yours for her. In our jewelry workshop, we will give life to your wishes. In addition, and in any choice, you can put the icing on the cake engraving the ring with your initials or an intimate dedication.

Perfect Engagement ring

  1. The hand request

You have already found the perfect engagement ring you wanted for her, her shape, what kind of diamond, and you already have it with you. Now we just have to think about how you will deliver it: the hand request. Now is your time, how to give the final touch, that will make the ring of prominence stand out (among all others) and that will definitely make it unique, different and unrepeatable for her. Go for it!

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