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7 Ways to Make Your Digital Poster Unique

7 Ways to Make Your Digital Poster Unique

Posters are still a very effective marketing strategy. As with many hugely successful marketing strategies, businesses are increasingly using poster prints to make their brands stick on the minds of potential customers.

Your main aim when you are creating a poster is to ensure that you create something unique and memorable. Even so, you want to ensure that your efforts reflect in the final product. That is why you must choose the best online poster printing company that produces high-quality prints to help cater to your poster needs.

Want to get started on creating unique digital poster prints? Below are 7 things to consider:

  1. Use large texts and images

The size of texts and images matters a lot. Very few people will go squinting trying to figure out what your poster is about. You need to create a text that is readable from afar and place a gigantic image to go with it.

Even when using big texts, not every text needs to be of the same size. You can use three fonts of text depending on the importance of text on your poster.

The header should be the biggest part of the poster and must be clearly visible. Even though other texts are not as visible, the attractiveness of the header can lure people to come closer and read whatever else your poster has to say.

The second font text should be that which contains primary information about your poster. It can be smaller than the header text but should also be fairly visible to the normal eye. The third class of texts is what you would consider least significant. Such can go toward the bottom of your poster in much smaller fonts.

  1. Use contrast

The right mix of colors will get your attention. To create contrast, you can combine very bright colors with dark colors. For example, red creates excitement and evokes energy. When combined with black or white, it can easily grab attention. A color such as pink is great when you want to appeal to young females.  Purple depicts loyalty.

You can combine several colors to create the desired effect.  You can also use luminous colors to create a bright and energizing effect.

  1. Design based on the location

Where will your poster be located? Will it be in a clustered or sparsely populated place? Where will you hang your poster?

If you will be placing your poster in a highly populous and congested place, you need to make it even more visible as people will not have a chance to come closer and look at it.

The color of where you will place your poster mates as well. If it will be near a black wall, for example, you want to ensure that the colors of your poster are contrasting with the black. That way, the poster will be distinguishable.

  1. Brainstorm unique image ideas

Outstanding mages can get your poster in front of lots of eyeballs. Think outside the box when coming up with an image that can represent your brand and pass your message across.  You can even hire the services of a graphic designer to help bring your ideas to life.

Place the image at the top or middle of your poster. If possible, let it occupy at least two-thirds of the poster space.

  1. Leave lots of blank spaces

The worst mistake you can make is to fill up your poster with lots of information all over. People hate reading loads of texts. Again, your poster will appear messy and uninspiring drawing people away.

To ensure that you include as little text as possible, you should take the time to choose your words carefully. You can even sit down with your team and brainstorm the best way to pass your message across using the fewest words.

Create ample space between letters and words and between text and images.

  1. Have a catchy call to action (CTA)

Do not forget the main aim of your post—to get conversions! What action do you want your readers to take? Make it very clear on your poster. Your CTA should be among the parts of your poster that has large, visible text.

  1. Choose a suitable printing technique

There are many types of printing techniques. We have 3D printing, flexography, litho printing, and more! Your graphic designer can help you to choose the best print method.

Final Words

We are living in a fast-paced world where concentration spans are small. Tactics to grab people’s attention should be top of your marketing strategy.

When you are creating a poster, you should ask, ‘if I was the one walking by, would the appearance of my poster compel me to spare a moment to read it?’ If your answer is no, then you have more creative work to do!

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