London for a Romantic Honeymoon

9 Things You Must See and Do in London for a Romantic Honeymoon!

When it comes to honeymoon, what things first hit into the mind? Of course, lots of happiness, fun, love, and romance. And that’s the reason why couples always want their honeymoon place to be magnificent and full of romantic activities to make their trip unforgettable. One other thing that couples also want is to keep their luggage safe. So, to know about how you can keep your bags safe, check out the ultimate luggage storage guide around Euston Station in London.

So, if you are also planning your honeymoon and looking for a romantic and beautiful destination, then London is the right choice for you. This romantic and wonderful city offers you a good atmosphere that any newly married couple would want to have on their first trip after marriage.

We provide you with this list full of must-visit places and romantic activities to do together and build up memories. Remember these iconic places and activities as soon as you get there:

#1. Gordon’s Wine Bar to Celebrate the New Beginning:

Nothing can beat this way to enjoy the new start: opening a champagne bottle together at the city’s most beautiful wine bar. Do not avoid Gordon’s wine bar due to its old and not good-looking building, as here you will get a big wine list. And when you both are craving for snacks, you will enjoy the option of selecting from a variety of cheeses!

#2. Make Your Regular Date At The Tower Of London:

The oldest and most popular monument in the city, the Tower of London, has a long history and is known for being a prison, the royal residence, beautiful attraction, and an interesting zoo.

This popular place is situated next to the River Thames and has magnificent sites to visit. So, visit this historical building of the UK’s capital with your soulmate on a romantic date. Moreover, make sure to take a perfect and romantic picture for your social media.

#3. Get The Love Vibes In Spellbinding South Bank:

Take the underground to a stunning, different selection of places, including the unique galleries, historical museums, and attractive theatres, a walk along the peaceful South Bank cannot be missed when you visit London. As known as the city’s romantic attractions, the Spellbinding South Bank always has countless things to do and see.

Moreover, if you want to do something special for your partner, go to the National Theatre and show your love while watching a super romantic show.

#4. Head To The Chocolate Trip:

What can be better than some delightful, yummy and delicious chocolates? Don’t waste your time and head to The Chocolate Trip to Mayfair and Chelsea, and dive into the most delightful chocolates worldwide!

Walking together with your partner on this yummy trip will definitely add plenty of sweetness and love in your bond.

#5. Witness Greenery At The Hyde Park:

No matter which season you have gone to the city, the adorable Hyde Park always has romantic things to give you. There you will explore a lake, over 4000 trees, a great meadow, and so on.

Moreover, the park has various alluring flower gardens, but nothing is better than a rose garden to feel love. You can also do so many adventurous activities like boating, cycling, skating, and much more.

# 6. Visit The London Eye To Explore The Lovely Sights Of The Capital:

The largest Ferris In the world, the London Eye, is also famously known with the name of the Millennium Wheel, and it’s height is around 135 meters. So, take a half-hour ride in the wheel to witness the capital’s incredible view with your soulmate.

If you want to make the ride even more joyful and memorable, don’t forget to book a Cupid’s Capsule. Along with providing the lovely view, this private capsule will fill more romance to your ride as it serves your delicious chocolate-champagne truffles and champagne.

#7. Take A Serene Boat Trip In The Little Venice:

A hidden little place of the capital, The Little Venice is the best choice for the couple to enjoy togetherness. You will get a secret ride with your beloved in an adorable houseboat and witness the attraction’s outstanding beauty. And, the good things don’t end here!!! The place has plenty of decorated pubs, amazing waterfront restaurants, and plenty of pretty cafes to enjoy a delicious lunch together.

When you visit London, make sure to go to this gorgeous and peaceful place to spend some lovely and great time together.

#8. Click Picture With Your Fav Stars At Madame Tussauds Wax Museum:

A London trip is incomplete without going to a glamourous and charming wax museum. The Madame Tussauds has more than 250 attractive wax statues of the world’s famous celebrities. So, you cannot miss visiting the museum.

You can take some pictures with your lovable celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, sports, and so on.

#9. Visit Oxford Street For Shopping:

Hub of more than 250 shops, luxury boutiques, and branded galleries, Oxford Street is like a blessing for all the shopaholics. The iconic galleries have a wide range of branded and stunning outfits, gadgets, accessories, and whatnot. That’s why, before you organize your luggage and go back to your place, make sure to go to Oxford Street and buy a few interesting and attractive things for yourself as well as your family members and friends.

To conclude, these were the reasons why London should be your honeymoon destination. So, what are you waiting for? Just book flight tickets as well as a hotel and go on a romantic trip! Apart from that, make sure to read the ultimate luggage storage guide to find the place to leave your stuff around Euston Station, before heading to London. Happy Journey!

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