Wrestling Arenas

A Look At The Top Wrestling Arenas In The World

WWE fans worldwide log in to watch everything from RAW to Smackdown featuring their favorite stars on TV. For an average fan of the WWE franchise, the WWE has been a friend since their growing years. The brand has evolved from being the WWF to the WWE and continues to wow. 

The stars are household names and encompass a broad age group of fans. The craze is not limited to the TV audience or the PPV audience alone. You can even be a punter betting on one of the crucial matches at https://sport.netbet.com/in/. Whether it is the Hell in a Cell or the WrestleMania, the live events of the matches also have a huge spectator turnout. 

What adds to this magnanimity is the venue or the grand stadiums where these matches happen. These grand stadiums play important roles in the life of wrestlers and professional wrestlers like Steve Austin create history. Here we list the best stadiums which have witnessed iconic events and spats like no other.  

Madison Square Garden, New York 

It is one of the legendary stadiums, where you can see many events besides the WWE Matches. So, there are events by Eagles or Ricky Martin.

Among the most jaw-breaking duels have been a 2009 RAW match where three tag teams comprising top icons in history were playing. Then, Triple H marked a return to the ring after a break in January 2002 RAW. The crowd was enthralled to see their favorite Triple H back!

Then came the moment we all had waited for all our childhood, to see Kane removing his mask off in 2003 when he lost to Triple H World Heavyweight title. Another big match was between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon at the Intercontinental Wrestlemania X. These are enough to show you why this stadium was the biggest indoor venue for the WWE.

Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia 

This is one of the most popular venues where you can watch NHL, NBA, and NLL along with WWE matches. The stadium has witnessed a WWE-Rumble of 2004 and a Survivor Series of 2006. It has also witnessed the WWE Night of Champions in 2009.

In 2017, the stadium hosted the WWE Battleground, later in the 2018 Royal Rumble, and the Elimination Chamber in 2020. These events just speak volumes of how much the stadium has a special place in the hearts of the true WWE fan. 

AT&T, Texas 

When you talk of the biggest numbers in a stadium, you will notice that AT&T is the venue to check. The stadium has hosted matches like WWE WrestleMania 32 to a crowd as big as 101,783! This event was by far the most historical event happening in 2016.

There were three matches on the preshow to kick off. Roman Reigns defeated Triple H to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and The Undertaker had created history by defeating Shane MacMahon in a Hell in a Cell match. The stadium is set to host WrestleMania 38 too in 2022, where we can witness several other magic. 

Allstate Arena Chicago 

Located adjacent to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, this stadium at Rosemont Horizon has hosted basketball and ice hockey tournaments. The venue has had the privilege to host WrestleMania three times already. The stadium also has hosted the Wrestling Classic and the Survivor Series. 

Astrodome, Texas 

Yet another stadium that takes pride in hosting Pay Per View matches is the Astrodome. Their rise to fame was with the WrestleMania X-Seven. Their main event had the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin fighting tooth and nail. 

These events have garnered fame, and in the coming days, you can expect more earth-shattering events featuring your favorites here. 

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