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As the world is growing rapidly, the use of the internet is also becoming popular and so is watching the movies online. Today in this world full of advanced technology people no more prefer to go out and watch movies in the theatres. Rather than that, they prefer to watch movies online by staying at home. 

Watching movies online have killed the use of DVD players and film theatres. Earlier it was witnessed that people used to gather when a movie was being released but now the time has changed. 

You can watch movies online as there are many free film streaming services available. It has made it easy for the users to search for a movie just by making a few clicks. 

There are many such platforms available on the internet like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Watching movies has become a part of our lives and we cannot go a day without watching movies, drama shows, TV serials and others.

These days free content is offered through many types of movie streaming websites. One of the biggest benefits that one gets by using these websites is saving their own money. People also prefer to buy a TV subscription but it also comes with a problem where the monthly budget rises from time to time.  

It becomes very expensive. To get rid of this kind of expensive system, people prefer to use these websites. When watching films become free people enjoy more. In this article, we will be discussing the various aspects of Uwatchfree. 

The list of the contents that we will be talking about in this article. 

  • About Uwatchfree movies
  • The Basic concepts of Uwatchfree
  • Is it legal or illegal? 
  • What are the reasons for its popularity? 
  • How to get access to Uwatchfree website?
  • What are the alternatives of Uwatchfree? 
  • What are the links of the Uwatchfree website?
  • What are the illegally leaked movies by Uwatchfree website?
  • What is the safety regarding Uwatchfree website?
  • What movie categories and the available dimensions in the Uwatchfree website
  • What are the major drawbacks of using the Uwatchfree website?
  • How does fast uploading  of the new movies are done at the Uwatchfree website
  • Is it safe or illegal?
  • What is the piracy act of India? 
  • What are the punishments and the penalties? 
  • What are the steps for the prevention of piracy?
  • What are the biggest losses because of piracy?
  • The conclusion 

What is the basic concept of the Uwatchfree?

You would be amazed to know that the Uwatchfree is an illegal website but is used by many as it helps to download as well as watch the online movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. 

You can watch all these movies for free and you can also download the movies, tv shows, serials, along with subtitles if you want and in HD quality. 

Now we will also talk about why Uwatchfree is an illegal website. The answer to this question is that Uwatchfree leaks all the big blockbuster movies like the Tamil, English, Kannada, and much more free of cost. 

There is a long list of movies from which you can choose from and also the quality of the movies ranges from 360P to 720P.  The main motive of Uwatchfree is to provide the latest movies in the best prints possible for the users. 

The movies are leaked in many languages like Hindi, English, Kannada and more. There are also Marathi movies available. Some of the movies that were leaked by Uwatchfree are Pressure Cooker, Avenger, Endgame, Dabaang 3, Birds of Prey and more. 

Is Uwatchfree a legal or an illegal website?

There can always be risk involved when a person is about to download or watch movies from any questionable resources. Doing such can lead a person to cybercrime. 

There are many services available which are legal like Amazon Prime, and Netflix. If a user uses free websites then chances are that they could be introduced to illegal ones. 

Anyone who has streamed movies online has never been prosecuted. If anyone has unauthorized upload a film illegally then it is considered to be claimed of the copyright by the associations. 

Cinema is a very big industry that employs a lot of people there and their salaries depend on the cinema. If the audience does not go and watch the movies in the cinema then these people will bear the loss. 

In short, it is a crime to watch movies from these illegal websites and keep in mind that the Indian government has banned Uwatchfree websites because it is totally illegal. 

The reasons behind the popularity of Uwatchfree website 

Here are some of the reasons that you should know behind the popularity of Uwatchfree website which is not only popular but also illegal

  • Uwatchfree is a great website where the users can download and watch top movies for free. One can easily get to watch movies, drama shows, tv shows and others no matter new or old.
  • Another best part is that uwatchfree streams the movies and the tv shows in different qualities that range from 360p to 720p. The users can easily choose one of their choices.
  • There is a huge variety available on the website so it makes it easy for the users to find whatever they are looking for. The users can select a movie as per their choice and mood. 
  • Also, Uwatchfree changes the URL from time to time so that the government does not block them and the users can still download the movies of their choice.
  • Uwatchfree is very simple and easy to use and one can download movies without any complications.

How to get access to Uwatch websites?

As we have already mentioned that Uwatchfree is an illegal site and using such sites is considered to be a crime. There are still people who want to watch and download movies from this website. 

First, you need to download the VPN and it must be downloaded before you visit the website. This will help the users to download the movies easily from the website as the VPN does not show the IP address of the user. 

It also protects the user from being tracked by the government. 

If you want to visit uwatchfree website then you need to follow the simple steps given below.

  • In order to bypass the restriction, you need to download the VPN on your mobile phone.
  • Also, there are many countries where the Uwatchfree website has been banned. All you have to do is open the VPN and select the IP address of the country where Uwatchfree website is not banned. 
  • As you have now changed the IP address your job has been done. Now you can use the Uwatchfree website to download and watch the movies for free. 

Apart from using the VPN what is the other method that you can use to get access to Uwatchfree website 

Uwatchfree is one of the best websites that you can use to watch movies and download them for free. If there are any legal issues in the state and you do not want to visit the website directly then all you can do is download the Uwatchfree APK. 

Keep in mind that you will not get this application in the play store, rather you can search it in the search engine and you will find a number of links from where you can download it easily.  

The application is popular and it is not only easy to use but also very friendly. You can get access to many things using this website. 

What are the alternatives to Uwatchfree?

If any user does not get any access to uwatch then there are many sites available that you can use as an alternative to Uwatchfree. You can use these sites and get whatever you are looking for. 

To know about the alternatives read below, the sites mentioned are not registered and could also be banned by the government.

  • A2movies
  • Moviesflix
  • Cinema villa
  • Moviezwap
  • Pagal movies 

The problem is that many of the users are not willing to use the illegal websites and in such cases, you do not need to panic. Some users can download movies using these websites given below without any fear or doubt.

  • Hulu
  • Sony Crunch
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Sony Live

These were some of the best websites that you can choose for yourself to watch the best quality of movies, songs, web series and more. 

What are the links for the Uwatchfree websites?

As mentioned earlier that uwatch has been banned in many countries and in order to keep working they keep on changing their server. Uwatchfree belongs to the torrent and has been banned on the internet. 

You can use some top extensions which you can choose to watch your favourite movies, dramas and TV shows. 

  • Uwatchfree.in
  • Uwatchfree.pro
  • Uwatchfree.bid
  • Uwatchfree.org
  • Uwatchfree.watch

If you have not been satisfied with the performance of Uwatchfree then what should you do? The solution to this problem is that you can install the Uwatchfree application in this case for better performance and more features. 

The application has more features than that of the website. It comes with great downloading speed and also prevents unwanted pop-ups and online ads. 

It is available for the android users, for smart TV and also laptops. One must always use a VPN before they visit the Uwatchfree website because it is illegal. 

What are the movies that are illegally leaked by the Uwatchfree website?

Whenever there is a new movie coming up, people get excited about it. Everyone cannot afford to pay the subscription of Netflix and pay the tickets of the movie theatres. 

There are some people who love to watch movies from home. Whenever a new movie comes, uwatch looks forward to uploading it as soon as possible for the users. Here are some of the movies that are leaked by the Uwatchfree website 

  • The Ghazi Attack 
  • Khuda Hafiz
  • End Game
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Avengers 

What is the safety regarding Uwatchfree?

As we know that the Uwatchfree site has been banned and is illegal to use through VPN or any other means. If we talk about this then we know how huge the Indian cinema is besides Hollywood. 

Movies are released every week and in many languages. Hindi cinema earns a lot of money and to prevent any kind of loss these people try to block the illegal websites for their own benefits. 

If anyone downloads any movie from any illegal site it means that they are disrespecting the cinema industry and the people working there. It becomes a headache for the people working in Bollywood trying to stop them. 

It becomes very difficult for them to earn because of these illegal sites and it is our duty to stop using these illegal sites. Also, users should keep themselves away from such sites because the government will take strict actions otherwise. 

What are the movie categories and the available dimensions?

We all know how vast this website is and how one can get anything they want from it. You can find a variety of different files here. Here are some of the sizes that are available 

  • Dimension 4GB videos and files
  • Dimension 2GB videos and files.
  • Dimension 600MB videos and files
  • Dimension 300MB videos and files.

Also, there are a lot of categories of movies from which you can choose from. These movies are absolutely free and here are some of the categories 

  • Action movies
  • Thriller movies
  • Mystery movies
  • Adult movies
  • Romance movies
  • Adventure movies
  • Comedy movies 
  • Animation movies
  • Biography movies
  • Documentary movies
  • HD movies 

The list of the categories is unending and we have mentioned some of the important ones here. In simpler words, you can say that we have summarised the categories that the Uwatchfree website has for one. 

The movies can be horror, science fiction, romantic and whatnot. All you need to do is search the name of the movie in the search bar and get it downloaded for yourself. 

What are the major drawbacks of using the Uwatchfree website?

We know that Uwatchfree is a great website that has a lot to offer but when we use this website a problem occurs in the form of pop-ups and also when a customer clicks on the screen, a pop up appears.  

This could irritate the user and you can get rid of this by following the steps given below.

  • The first way by which you can prevent the pop-ups is by using the ad blocker which will block all the pop-ups and the customers can use the website easily without any kind of interruption.
  • If you do not find an ad blocker then you can use free proxy servers in this case which will help in blocking all the unwanted and unnecessary ads for you and you can enjoy good service. 

We know that Uwatchfree is illegal and because of this, the cinema industry faces the loss of billions. This is totally wrong to use the pirated contents as it is considered to be a huge crime. 

The user can get himself into trouble by doing so and can also get arrested by the police. Also, the authorities can charge the one uploading the contents as well as the one downloading it. So it is important to stay away from such trouble 

Another drawback that you might face is the harmful effects on the PC  and mobile devices. As the website is illegal, it means that there are a lot of hackers who are waiting to hack your devices. 

They can also hack the personal information and data of yours and then use it in a negative way. Using these pirated sites can also add viruses through the servers into your mobile devices and your PC

In order to keep yourself safe from these troubles, it is important to stay away from such kinds of websites. 

What about the fast uploading of the new movies in Uwatchfree?

Now let’s start talking about the fast working of the uwatchfree website. One can easily find all the latest movies and tv shows that they want to watch on this website in different languages. 

We are also aware of the fact that the movies get released in the cinemas every Friday. But these websites get the movies for their users on their site within two, three days of their release. 

A user can easily search a movie according to their wish which they want to watch from the genre that is mentioned on the website. Users can also search according to the dates of the release and also the other qualities of the movies.  

Also, the movies that are released on Netflix and Amazon Prime are also found on this website just after two-three days of their release. This is really helpful as people do not have to spend much to watch these movies. 

They can sit back at their homes and watch it. But besides all these benefits one cannot deny the risk it comes with as it is illegal.


Uwatchfree is an amazing website that has tons of movies, drama shows, tv shows, and series from which you can choose to watch one. Now the question is if everyone can upload on that site or not. 

The answer to this question is no. Only the owner of the website can do that. Only the owner is responsible for any kind of upload that happens in the website and only he can remove it. 

It is very risky as it can put one behind the bars. Putting up the movies in the illegal sites is causing loss of billions to the film industry. 

The owner of the uwatchfree focuses on the movies that are new and tries to upload it on the website for the users as soon as possible for them to enjoy.

It is a famous website and is familiar to everyone because of many reasons. It has all the movies, series, documentaries, biographies, adult movies, all in HD and along with subtitles if you want. 

It also gives free cost services to users. Watching movies in the cinema and buying the premiums could be costly for many of us which is why this illegal website which is free is loved by everyone. 

Also, it is easy to use and has all the properties that make it a unique website.

How does one earn from the Uwatchfree website?

Uwatchfree is an illegal website and also offers movies and other tv shows to its users for free. Now you must be thinking about how they earn. The answer is that the owner earns money from the pop-ups and online ads. 

The pop-up and the online ads pay money to the owner of the Uwatchfree website. Advertisement is done through these videos and the owner earns money from it. 

These ads can easily be prevented if you use ad blockers. 

Why does Uwatchfree use different domains?

We have already mentioned that Uwatchfree is an illegal website which means they are banned in many countries. Using illegal sites lead to huge losses to the movie industry. 

The government banned these sites to prevent the losses of any kind. So for the proper working of these websites the owner changes the domain from time to time. 

So that the government cannot stop them from working and providing movies to the users for free. The owners here tend to be very clever and they save themselves from the ban by changing the domain. 

The illegal release of the users can affect the movie in a very bad way. We would never encourage such activities and we would rather request the users to go to the cinema and watch the movies. 

Is it safe or is it illegal?

As it has been mentioned earlier that the site Uwatchfree is illegal and has been banned by the government of India.  It is clearly stated that if any person will be found guilty for pirating contents then he will be given punishment in this case under the piracy act.

Now we will tell you about what actually the piracy act in India means and what are its punishment

For the better handling of the copyright disputes, the government of India has copyrighted the act of 1957 and in this act, it states that under section 13 copyrights protection has been given to the 

  • Literary works
  • Dramatic works
  • Musical works
  • Cinematography films and 
  • Sound recordings

The main focus behind the act is to stop piracy of any kind. 

Protection of Economic Rights 

The first one is the protection of the economic rights where the right has been given to the literary works, dramatic works, cinematography films, artistic works, musical works and sound recordings. 

All the earnings are accessible to the original owner only and no third party can come in between. The third-party can only interfere if they are licensed or else it would be considered as a crime. 

Protection of Moral Rights 

The second one is the protection of the moral rights which is divided into section 57 of the act where the right to paternity means the original owner of the property can claim the ownership and can also prevent others from claiming the ownership. 

Right of integrity 

It means where the owner can restrict alteration of his work and can also take actions regarding them which can also damage their reputation. 

What is piracy in India?

There are many blockbuster box offices in India which contribute equally to making India a unique country. Having this number of box offices means there are also a number of piracy acts that we can ever count on.  

Users always use VPN and other sources to get the movies downloaded and play the games they want. Then these are sold at a very cheaper price than what they are actually of originally.

What are the pirating movies and the sites?

We know how huge the Indian film industry is and also the pirated sites that are here are more in comparison to what the other countries have. 

There are a lot of movies that were released illegally for example Dabanng 3 and Kabir Singh. Now we will give you the names of the few sites that people use to download the movies. 

  • Filmywap
  • Bolly4u
  • Uwatchfree
  • Tamilrockers

Now we will talk about the punishment in the constitution for the pirated contents.  There has been an amendment made in the act of 1952 which tells about the punishment of the pirates who use the devices of the owners without authorisation or copy the film. 

If a person is caught recording a film in the cinema then he will also be punished under the same act of 1952 

The punishment could be that the guilty will be thrown behind the bars or will be fined very heavily or in severe cases both the things can happen.  Also, note that the punishment is equally the same for the ones who download the movies or watch them at the illegal sites. 

There are also some more punishments that were added to the act of 1952 and the act of 2000. We will give a brief introduction to the punishment for the users. 

The first one is the copyright act where if a person is using an illegal or any pirated computer program then it will be assumed that the acquired copyright infringement on any computer device belongs to him. He will be sent to jail from 7 days to 3 years.  

Also, it is said that the penalty will be asked to be paid which is no less than 50 thousand and can increase up to 3 lacs. 

The second one is the IT act where one needs to keep in mind that if a person has gained any access to the computer device and has copied the data present in the device by using any digital means like pen drive or hard disk without the authorization of the owner then he will be responsible for the damages. 

He will be ordered to pay the compensation which can increase up to 1 crore rupees. Also, the ones downloading such data from the illegal websites will be equally punished. So it is very important to avoid the use of such sites.

What are the steps to prevent piracy?

Piracy has become a serious matter and needs to be prevented. It is important to understand that it is causing a huge loss to the film industry. The government is trying hard to stop this. 

The actual cases of piracy are more than you can think. There are some ways that can be taken to prevent piracy. 

  • Price regulation 

The very first thing that could be done to prevent piracy is price regulation. It will not stop piracy completely but will help in many ways. 

Make sure that the tickets for the cinema offer movies at a lower price so that the people of all backgrounds can afford it. 

  • Entry barriers

The government can help to prevent piracy by restricting the entry into the sites that host the pirated contents. This can be done by blocking the sites on the servers. 

It can reduce the amount of piracy very quickly and easily. This works mostly because many people do not know how the VPN or the proxy works. 

What were the biggest losses?

One of the biggest losses that were faced by the film industry was before the release of the movie The Expendables 3 where the hackers acquired the movie and put the whole movie on the internet before it got released. 

According to statistics, it was proved that about 70 million people downloaded it on their mobiles, tablets, PC and other devices. This set back affected everyone in the film industry which also included the workers like the composers, electricians and the set designers.

The conclusion 

In conclusion, we talked about the Uwatchfree website because it provides free movies but it is still an illegal website and we suggest the readers not to support piracy of any kind as the consequences are very bad. 

We urge the readers and the users of illegal sites to go to the cinema and watch the movies. Also to buy the subscription to watch their favourite shows and series. Do not go for the illegal sites as it can affect you as well as your family in a bad way.

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