What Parents Need To Know About Accessible Van

What Parents Need To Know About Accessible Van

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Having a child with disabilities can sometimes be difficult; you know that ensuring they get the safest and most comfortable experience possible is your top priority. The right wheelchair vans will make getting your child where they need to be easier, providing them with a more enjoyable ride. Here’s what you need to know about accessible vehicles:

What is an accessible van?

A wheelchair-accessible van is a vehicle that has been adapted by enlarging the interior size and installing a wheelchair ramp or motorized lift. This van has been modified so that it can be driven by people who have physical disabilities or can be easily transferred passengers with a wheelchair.

Why is an accessible vehicle important?

Accessible vehicles are important for several reasons, but they allow people with disabilities to get to the places they need. Many people with disabilities cannot drive or do not have access to n automobile. Additionally, public transportation can be challenging or non existing in some areas of the country.

Accessible vans also help families who need additional space for passengers or cargo because of mobility issues. If you have adult children who live at home because they cannot live independently due to a condition, owning an accessible car will make traveling simpler for them.

What kind of features does an accessible van have?

Wheelchair vans have ramps and lift features that will be helpful for you and your child and give you comfortable and safe rides.

  • Wheelchair lifts are designed to lift the passenger from ground level and raise them into the vehicle body.
  • Folding wheelchair ramps can be controlled manually or remotely. When not in use, the ramp is folded on the inside of the vehicle and extends outward when used.
  • In-Floor Ramps are stowed under the floor of wheelchair vans. When deployed, the ramp slides out from under the floor and back under the floor when not used.

Wheelchair vans should be safe and convenient to drive

When you’re looking for an accessible van, there are a  few things to consider. First and foremost, you want one that’s safe and convenient to drive. A well-designed vehicle will have features like:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Easy-to-reach gas pedal/brake pedals
  • A durable chassis that can handle any type of terrain

Find a van that helps preserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. These vans also help reduce waste by using recycled materials in their construction process.

If you’re buying a wheelchair-accessible van for your family member—whether they have a disability or not — it’s important to choose one that makes life easier for everyone involved, including the driver. It includes having ample seating space inside and good air conditioning vents for passengers and drivers.


Wheelchair vans can greatly help your family, especially if you have a child with a disability. We hope you found this article to be informative. If you still have questions about what to look for in an accessible vehicle, feel free to reach out to us directly!

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