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Addmecart Reviews – Real or Fake?

Among the shopping portals that exist in India, Addmecart has become widely popular in recent years. The platform was founded in the year of 2017 and has its global headquarters located in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh. It is a portal that is supposed deliver products in India and has products mostly available from Indian brands. 

The primary industry in which they deal is beauty and personal care. Whereas, the other industries where Add me cart deals with are home decoration, clothing, sports and fitness, open box, car accessories, food and groceries, consumer electronics and appliances. Simply put, the platform sells products of daily use. 

However, people have only shown red flags when it comes to giving addmecart reviews. People are getting highly attracted towards this site as they offer products at affordable rates and great discounts. But in reality, they deliver fake and used items to the customers or make no delivery at all after charging money. To know more about what people have said about this platform before you decide to use it yourself, you need to read further. 

About Addmecart

Portal Name Addmecart 
Found 2017 
Ownership Private 
Employee count 50 – 200 
Nature of Business Product, service, B2C
Items sold Clothing, sports, fitness, car accessories, food and groceries, consumer electronics and appliances, beauty and personal care.
Headquarter Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh 
Head office address Jai Stambh Chowk, opposite Gurh Gali, Rajgarh, Rajgarh, M.P, India, Pin – 465661 India
Phone number +91 9407448060
Official website

Find Out What People Have to Say About Addmecart

Addmecart has gained immense popularity in the recent year for being a portal which offers exclusive discounts and vouchers on different types of products. However, those who have used it have mentioned that they did not have a good experience and ended up being a victim of online fraud and forgery.

People have ended up questioning if addmecart real or fake because of the pathetic experience they have gone through. As someone wanting to use this platform, it would be better to go through the genuine reviews that people have left representing their views. So without any further adieu, find out and understand the fakeness of the platform. 

Negative Reviews about Addmecart – Check Below 

The negative reviews about Add me cart left by real customers have been mentioned below. 

  • Delayed Service 

A customer has mentioned how he has learnt a lesson after ordering from Addmecart. The item that he ordered was not delivered on time and he received it a month after the expected due date. Even though he asked for a refund, the platform officials did not bother to respond and caused him inconvenience to the utmost.


  • Unresponsive 

Add me cart has been remarked as unresponsive by a customer. This happened when the customer ordered a mobile phone from the website and shortly after decided to cancel the order. As the payment was made, the customer requested a refund. Regardless of calling multiple times and emailing the officials of the portal, no response was received.


  • No Product Delivery Made 

A customer made an order and claimed that they did not receive their product nor a refund was made. The customer mentioned that regardless of contacting the officials at regular intervals for four months, no response was received. She mentioned that the platform is simply fraud and suggested that no one should use it.


  • Fake Products- Fake Company

Another customer mentioned how she ordered earphones worth Rs. 7000 and got them delivered. As she unboxed it, she found the products to be fake. She made a complaint on the official website, however, the officials did not respond. It was clear to her as she mentioned in the addmecart reviews that the e-commerce platform willingly cheated on her. She also mentioned that she would forward the matter to the consumer court to stop others from cheating.


  • Cheater 

Customers have claimed Addmecart a cheating platform. In the reviews, a customer has mentioned how he was cheated with a product of Rs. 3890. The product was not delivered to him and there was no response received from the customer service regardless of calling them multiple times. This customer also has highly suggested others not to shop from this e-commerce website.


  • Inaccessible 

A customer has mentioned how they ordered a product and its delivery was delayed. However, when the item arrived, it was previously used and not new as it had many scratches besides having a new battery. The customer tried to contact customer service but was unable as there was no contact number provided. In addition to this, the emails sent were not responded to. It made the customer realize that the site is not trustworthy and traps people in online


  • Untrustworthy 

People who have used this platform have simply regarded it to be untrustworthy. Most of the customers have mentioned how the platform only focuses on cheating the customers. They only take the payments but make no delivery or simply deliver fake or used and broken items. Not only the platform but everyone working in the team has also been regarded as untrustworthy. 


  • Sending Used Products 

Addmecart has not only been accused of sending fake products but used ones too. A customer has mentioned that she ordered a dongle from this portal and it turns out to be a second-hand product. She has asked for a refund or exchange of the product in return for a new one – however, no response was received from the customer care executives.


Would It Be Safe to Buy Through Addmecart? 

Not at all. If you still have doubts about whether addmecart real or fake, then know that Addmecart is a 100% fake and fraudulent company. The platform has been cheating people ever since its existence. Either it is sending the customers fake products or not delivering products at all. 

They have an unresponsive group of team members who do not reply or act on resolving any issues that are faced by the customers. Also, you cannot expect your money to be refunded by this platform, at all! Almost all customers have faced inconvenience by trusting and choosing this online platform and have strictly suggested others not to use it.

The worst part about this platform is just to look genuine and get access to cheating more people, they are purposely deleting the negative reviews from all the online platforms. Addmecart is doing its best to stop people from knowing who they actually are behind the fake image of being the best. In addition to this, many complaints have been launched against this cheater e-commerce website at consumer courts and at cyber crime departments. In short, it is highly suggested not to use this platform or trust it unless you want to be a victim of online forgery. 

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AddMeCart Real or Fake?


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