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AED Wholesale for Your Organization

A sudden cardiac often happens without warning. When it happens, the pumping of the heart is interrupted, and it fails to pump blood to the brain, lungs, and other organs. If the victim is not treated in time, death can occur within minutes. Cardiac arrest is considered one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and AED equipment and cardiopulmonary resuscitation are effective measures to prevent death.


Health organizations in many countries around the world are also calling for strengthening people’s awareness of cardiac arrest and providing AED equipment in many public places. With the popularization of AED equipment and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more and more organizations and individuals are preparing to buy AED equipment for themselves. We understand that sometimes one AED is not enough for some large organization. Hotels may require a defibrillator on every floor; police precincts may strive for a device in every squad car; school districts may need to purchase on behalf of several different campuses.

Here comes the significance of AED wholesale for your organizations.

Why Do You Need AED Wholesale for your organization?

  • Big discounts for AED wholesale

Buying AED wholesale will get coupons that people who only purchase one AED cannot get. Most of the time, some AED companies will offer discounts for those who buy in bulk to establish a long-term relationship. In this case, the average cost of each AED device will be much less than that of only buying an AED. Besides, you may also enjoy some extra services like sometimes door-to-door delivery and installation services when you are going to wholesale AED equipment.

  • Cover a wider area

If your organization has a large footprint, you may consider it necessary to equip every potential location that may happen sudden cardiac arrest with an AED device, such as a stadium and gym. A study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that in 12 years, about 16% of sudden cardiac arrests occurred in fitness facilities. When you buy AED wholesale, a wider potential area will be covered by AED equipment at a lower cost.

cover wider area
  • Cardiac Arrest Can Happen To Anyone

Sudden cardiac arrest can affect men, women, and children of any age and is not only a problem for the elderly. When someone in your organization has a sudden cardiac arrest, but no AED device can be obtained to implement rescue, or the AED device is placed too far away from the patient to obtain the best rescue opportunity in the golden rescue time, your organization will end up with a bad impression for your customers. Even EMS delivery needs at least 4 minutes to rush to the scene. You have the responsibility and guarantee a safe place for your employees and customers.

Where to Get AED Wholesale?

There are different AED companies in the market, such as Mindray AED, Philips AED, ZOLL AED, etc. You can find your favorite AED brand by searching for the best AED company. You may be able to find may information online regarding where to get the AED.

What to Look for When Getting an AED Company for AED Wholesale?

All AEDs contribute to the saving of lives. However, there are AED price and function variations. Its size, accessories, and upgrade options determine the cost of an AED wholesale. Water resistance and warranty are also factors that influence the final AED price.

To begin, double-check that the AED has been approved by the CE. Following that, the decision is based on the features you want and need.

To assist you in making a purchasing decision, let us take a closer look at the followings:

  • Cost

AED wholesale has a wide variety of upfront costs. However, other factors influence the overall cost. Later maintenance costs and the replacement cost of AED replacement pads, batteries, and AED box also need to be taken into account.

  • Durability

AED devices will be placed outdoors and may suffer from various collisions and bad weather (such as sunlight and rain). When considering wholesale AED equipment, its durability should also be considered and referenced from IP Code, the two-digit code of which shows the level of solids and liquids safety.

The first digit denotes the degree of resistance to dirt, dust, gunk, and grime. The scale runs from 0 to 6, with 6 being the highest level of defense. The second number refers to water resistance. A higher number indicates greater moisture resistance. Mindray AED has a 1.5m drop bearing capacity, and its dust and waterproof grade reaches IP55.

  • Warranty

AED equipment also has a warranty period which is different from different brands. For example, the AED replacement pads and batteries of Mindray lasts for five years or more. AED pads and batteries should be replaced before the shelf life; otherwise, the AED shock cannot be conducted correctly. Therefore, when wholesale AED equipment, it would be helpful to know the warranty period of each part from the AED company so as to ensure the safe use of AED equipment and give full play to its value.

Final Thoughts

Buying AED wholesale for your organizations seems to be urgent, thinking of the horror of SCA. If you are going to wholesale AED, Mindray is an option you can look to in confidence as it has provided high-quality AED equipment for many organizations around the world and has been successfully rescued. Moreover, the Mindray AED-Alert system will provide you with an effective way to remote manage your AED devices at a low cost.

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