All About PDFBear: Things That You Should Know About PDFBear And Its Tools

It’s clear that among all the PDF tools you can use online, PDFBear offers the most reliable, and at the same time, precise converting tools. If you want to grasp more about the things that PDFBear can provide to you, then you need to read and make sure you finish reading this article.

PDFBear Split PDF

PDFBear offers the best PDF splitting tool in the market. With this tool, you can split PDF into pages online without fees or charges, which is perfect for students out there that don’t have enough budget. Also, PDFBear’s PDF splitting tool allows you to either split particular or individual pages or extract specific pages from its original file or document.

PDFBear also has a unique feature in which you’ll be able to see a better overview of your file or PDF specifically. With this special feature, you’ll have a smoother and faster experience to select which page you want to split or extract. Not every PDF tool you can find right now on the internet offers this kind of feature, which makes PDFBear more special.

If you’re a newbie to this tool, such as splitting PDF files, then you should know that splitting PDF isn’t that easy. It isn’t easy because if you go to the internet and search for a particular PDF splitting tool, you’ll find hundreds to thousands of PDF splitting software. Luckily, PDFBear doesn’t require you to download software since you can access it online.

PDFBear Merge PDF

Merge PDF or PDF Merge of PDFBear is one of its most useful tools. Using this PDF merger tool, you can directly merge or combine single or multiple PDF files on the go. Like PDFBear’s PDF splitting tool, all the processes will be online, which means you don’t need to search for a specific software application to run or download PDFBear’s PDF merging tool.

If you’re studying for the easiest and fastest way to combine or merge multiple PDF files, without question, PDFBear is the right choice out there. With its simple and easy PDF merging instruction, you can connect multiple files in just minutes of waiting. You’ll get to experience these benefits without spending a dollar from your pocket.

Customer privacy and security is one of PDFBear’s major priorities. When you transfer or upload a particular file to PDFBear, you are 100% sure that all of your information will be safe from cyber threats such as Phishing, Information Theft, and other online threats that badly affect your file. To add, PDFBear will delete or remove all of your information from its system.

PDF Remover/Deleting Tool

If you want to open up some space or manage your PDF pages, the best way to do that is to use PDFBear’s PDF remover tool. With the Delete Pages tool of PDFBear, you can choose specific pages that you want to be deleted, or you can also select multiple pages and remove them all at once, which is a pretty innovative feature.

After you finish removing specific pages from your PDF, PDFBear will provide you with multiple ways of options on how you can download your file easier. An example of this is downloading your PDF directly back to your main computer or personal computer. You can also directly transfer and share it to your social media accounts and OneDrive.

The PDF remover is convenient, especially if you need to remove a particular page from your report or presentation. You don’t have enough time to delete that specific page manually. With this PDF deleting tool, you only have to wait for at least a couple of minutes, which is a concise amount of time.

PDFBear Compress PDF

PDFBear’s Compress PDF is a tool that you can use if you want to compress or minimize the size of a particular PDF file. With this compressing tool from PDFBear, you’ll be able to compress your file and transfer or send it easier to your clients or co-worker without experiencing problems.

Most PDF files, mainly if it contains photos, programs, reports, and financial accounts, have enormous file sizes. If you have a huge PDF file size, you will experience difficulty sending your file via email or other platforms. In order to fix that issue, you need to use PDFBear’s compressing tool.

PDFBear’s compressing tool has a special feature; it can compress particular PDF files that have a file size of up to 1GB. It can reduce any PDF file by up to 70% from its original size, which is pretty awesome.

Takeaway Knowing the capability and features of a certain thing is crucial, especially if you’ll share your essential information with it. If that’s the case, PDFBear is your best pick right now. It provides excellent merging capability, impressive PDF remover, significant PDF splitting, and an outstanding PDF compressing tool.

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