An Introduction about is an online platform where parents and students can check the courses offered by different schools, colleges, and educational institutions. Here students and their guardians can check online courses, fee structure, and download information brochures for abroad studies. This site is developed by FatBox Technology Services Pty Ltd, which is an IT company that aims to provide IT solutions in the education industry. This company has developed several school management software that has made the operations of schools easy. From this site, we can search for courses, get course guides, and search for agents that can assist you in taking admission in your desired course. You can also get the latest notification for vacancies and availability of seats in particular courses offered by different schools or colleges in New Zealand.

Services offered by

  • Search for courses: – This site helps in searching for courses for primary and secondary education, higher education, English courses, or Chinese courses in different countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc. Using the search bar, we can search for courses like doctorate, research, bachelor or master’s degree as well.
  • Agent search: – Many parents want their children to study abroad. However, due to the lack of knowledge, they are not able to apply for admission on time. That is why they need assistance who can help them to complete the paper works required for admissions. Agents ensure that your application is sent to the college, or educational institutions before the last date of submission. Using our site, you can search for local agents within the country who can assist your child in taking admission in the current batch.
  • Submit your online application form for admission:- From our site, you can also apply for courses online to the respective college for enrolling your kids with specific courses directly. Here you can apply for multiple courses at the same time.
  • Finding schools:- Some parents want to ensure that their kids have a strong foundation in the learning process. That is why they want them to take admission in international primary or secondary schools. You can browse the information about different international schools that provide courses for primary or secondary education.
  • Visa Application:- For sending kids abroad, we need a Visa. For this purpose, we provide an excellent online platform where you can submit a request for Visa. Hence you need not go on searching for a Visa provider locally. You can submit the request online with ease.

CatEight is the best online educational database which consists of information of all colleges, schools, and educational intuition of different places in one place. These data include the name of the institutes, their background history, admission agent, and different courses offered by these institutes or colleges. We can submit the course admission form online using the site and confirm our seat in the current batch. Using this site, we can search for courses, schools, and agents at the same time using the advanced search bar. From this unified portal, we can submit the application form for the request of a visa as well.

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