Anal Sex

Anal Sex Basics: The Good, The Bad, The Nasty

Sex is one of those topics that most people do not want to discuss in public. It is still a taboo topic in many places, and not a good choice to talk about in polite company. However, it is essential to know it since you do not want your first or succeeding experiences to be bad. At some point in your life, you may have the chance to experience it unless you will go out of your way to avoid it.

One of the most popular questions that couples and individuals have when it comes to sex is the concept of doing it anally. It is one of those sexual experiences that is always considered an exotic thing. However, there are so many misconceptions surrounding this specific sexual act that it has almost become a joke. Some cultures make it taboo to even think about doing it.

However, as with many other sexual acts, you can derive pleasure from playing with your hole. It is an inherent part of human life to explore our bodies. If you are going to do it with a partner, then it is something that you can also share. It is an intimate act that requires trust, so you need to learn how to open it up first with yourself or with your partner. In this manner, you can maximize the pleasure and not the discomfort.

On the other hand, we need to clear some things first.

Common Misconceptions

  1. It Is A Forbidden Act

For this one, it always depends where you are on the planet. In many parts of the world, anal sex is considered a taboo topic. No one wants to discuss this part of the sensual life since it is not something to explore. In cases that it is discussed, it is usually all about gay men (which will be discussed soon).

However, we have said that there is nothing wrong with sexual exploration as it is part of who we are as a species. Humans are inherently curious, and we want to know more about ourselves than we care to admit.

  1. Only Gay Men Do It

Another misconception that can easily be debunked is the idea that only gay men do anal. First off, the search results on popular porn websites show something else. There has been a steady increase in interest among the younger generation when it comes to this act as this article tells us. The studies regarding this phenomenon are still limited, but there is a growing interest if you look online.

  1. It’s All About The Penetration

As with sex itself, many people always think that it is all about penetration. In this modern age, it can mean many things from masturbation to an orgy. With anal, it is not always about the penis being inserted in the same hole over and over again. There are many other ways to enjoy it, so don’t be limited by the same traditional idea.

  1. You Can Do It Anytime

Anal sex being the same as vaginal sex is not true. Even though both of them require some preparation, the former needs more than just the idea that you are horny. You need to prepare your home properly, or pleasure can turn to pain almost immediately.

Tips For More Enjoyment

  1. Why Do You Want To Do It?

Always ask yourself: why do you want to explore this part of your body and eroticism? If you are doing it on your own, then it can be this experimental thing to prepare for the next level. However, if you are interested in engaging with a partner, then it would be best to talk to them first before doing it. In this way, expectations will be set and would increase the chance of it being met as well.

  1. Lube Is A Must

As we have mentioned before, anal sex requires more preparation. First, lube is important since the anal cavity does not have a natural lubricant like a vagina. Silicone-based lube is great for penile penetration, while water-based ones are great with toys. Meanwhile, you can also choose a heating lube to make it easier for this part of your body to relax.

Condoms are also important for first-timers and those who do not trust their partner yet. Many brands these days are lubricated, which means that you do not have to use a lot of lube. It will also keep you safe from catching STDs and other diseases if you are just hooking up or you do not know the sexual history of the other person.

  1. Cleanliness Is Important

We all know that the anus is where we also release things from our bodies. Even though it is relatively clean as long as you know what you are doing, you still want to make sure that nothing comes out while on the act. Choosing the right douche is necessary, but warm water and soap can also do the trick if you are relatively clean or have the right diet.

  1. Diet Is Also Important

If you are interested in doing more anal acts, then it is also crucial to change your lifestyle. A high-fiber diet is great since it eases your digestion and makes it easier for things to come out of your system. Also, exercising more frequently helps with your digestion and lower back strength. Kegel exercises are also great if you want to focus more on this area.

  1. Do It In A Relaxing Environment

Once you are in the mood, it is better to do it in an environment that promotes relaxation and intimacy. Being in your private room is a start, but engaging with a partner will be more special with a few more preparations. Clean sheets and aromatherapy are a good way to start here.

  1. Start Slow

Porn movies have created this idea that anal sex must go rough and fast as soon as possible. In real life, it is a slow game, creating the anticipation of incoming pain and pleasure. As we have said before, relaxation is important first before doing anything. Once you have this setup, then you can start doing the deed without any worry.

  1. Sizes Matter In Many Aspects

Size does matter in anal sex, whether it is about the penis or sex toys. The bigger it is, the more lube that you will need and more time to prepare the hole. If it is your first time, then we might suggest looking into butt plugs for beginners so that they will help you condition this part of your body. Butt plugs are great as they will also help you prepare for the bigger stuff.

  1. Breathe

At any point during the act, always remember to breathe. It will help relax your entire body and help your mind adjust. Remember, sex is always all about brain activity and breathing takes that process into motion. If you are having trouble controlling your breathing, start some exercises which focus more on this like yoga. It is not just for sex though, as this is also great for those who are experiencing anxiety.

  1. Take Control As The One Receiving It

Another thing that porn has introduced in many feeble minds is the idea that the one penetrating (i.e. the top) is the one in control. The best way to enjoy anal sex is to let the one being penetrated (i.e. the bottom) set the pace especially at first. Once you get going, then you can start playing around with control. It always comes back to consent. As long as both of you are on the same wavelength, then you will experience enjoyment.

  1. Try A Variety Of Positions

If you have a partner, then you can also explore other positions. Contrary to the popular notion, it is not just doggy style as this position also gives the reign to the top. Other viable positions are cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, and you can even do it standing up. You can explore more of this here: However, it will all come down to your preferences as some people might not be comfortable with them. As you can see, anal sex is not just some porn activity that you can only think about on your own. You can end up enjoying it once you are ready. However, if you find it tedious or not your thing, then there are other ways to pleasure yourself or your partner. As we have said, it is not just about penetration as it is more about mutual satisfaction.

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