Thursday , September 21 2023
Family Activities for Social Distancing

BCFS System Shares Top Six Family Activities for Social Distancing

During quarantine due to COVID-19, people became used to socially distanced activities. They had to plan their gatherings and entertainment around keeping away from others, especially when indoors. Many families struggled to adapt to this new reality. Nonprofit organization BCFS System understands families need help and offers six tips for fun yet socially distanced family activities.

  • Check out the Stars

A free form of entertainment for families is to simply investigate the night sky. Quality telescopes and simple star charts are available for less than $100, and they can provide a family with hours of fun.

  • Hit the Tennis Courts

Tennis is immensely popular during quarantine because it’s an ideally distanced sport. It’s also fun for kids of any ages and great exercise for everyone involved. Smaller kids that show an interest in the sport should have a racquet that fits their size, which will make the sport much more enjoyable.

  • Craft a Movie Theater

An outside movie theater provides families and select friends/neighbors with a way to bond and laugh while staying distant. Parents just need a projector, a screen, and some wireless speakers to create a magical moviegoing experience. Parents can use tape measures to ensure seats are six to ten feet apart, and place barriers/reminders for distancing.

  • Go on a Treasure Hunt

Parents looking for a different type of activity can try geocaching. It’s basically going on a scavenger hunt using GPS. Parents and kids use an app to find clues and coordinates that lead to a “treasure” that might be a small box of toys or something similar. It’s a fun diversion and a great way to go on an adventure while keeping socially distant.

  • Conquer Home Improvements

Quarantine is an ideal time to make small home improvements. Parents and kids can work together to pick out new paint colors and refresh a room. Or they can plant new flowers or shrubs or clear out a weedy side yard. The organization also recommends parents complete projects with their neighbors such as new fences, if they wear masks and stay distant of course.

  • Battle over Videogames

Another backyard diversion for families is video games. With a Wi-Fi connected TV and console, it’s simple to setup gaming in the backyard. Kids can invite one or two friends over to play games together while enjoying the higher safety and distance of the outdoors. And parents can get into the fun by challenging their neighbors to some friendly competition.

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