Curtains to Accent Your Bedroom Windows

7 Types of Curtains to Accent Your Bedroom Windows

When you’re envisioning your room’s decor, it’s easy to overlook your bedroom windows. However, ignoring your window treatments is a missed opportunity: the right finishing touches can pull together a room!

Though there are many types of window treatments, experts recommend curtains when you want a versatile window covering. Of course, with countless curtain styles, it can be hard to know which to choose.

Below, we’ve gathered seven popular choices to consider for your curtains. Read on to learn more.

Bedroom Windows

1. Single-Panel Curtains

These simple but stylish curtains are designed to cover an entire window. They can come in various fabrics and with different finishes at the top, and their timeless look works well in any bedroom. Simply pull them aside with a decorative curtain tieback to let in the light.

2. Double-Panel Curtains

Also called “panel pair” curtains, double-panel curtains come in sets of two. This allows you to push each curtain aside to open the window, though you can also use curtain tiebacks. Double-panel curtains look great with almost all window types, making them the perfect choice if you need a safe bet.

3. Pleated Curtains

For a more tailored style, pleated curtains are great for crafting a formal and even elegant look. You can find a range of pleated designs to match your bedroom decor, including box-pleated, pencil-pleated, pinch-pleated, and goblet-pleated curtains. The delicate structure of pleated curtains can be beautiful, but they often come only in heavier fabrics.

4. Grommet Curtains

These curtains attach to their rod using wide, circular grommets for ease of use. If you tend to open and close your bedroom curtains often, grommet curtains are easy to slide, and their chunky style works well with a modern aesthetic.

5. Blackout Curtains

If your goal in choosing curtains is to get more sleep, blackout curtains are ideal. These types of curtains use a dense fabric that blocks sunlight, allowing you to darken your room and get better sleep in the morning. You can often find these curtains combined with one of the styles above, though you may need to seek custom treatments through a brand like Patriot Blinds.

6. Light-Filtering Curtains

If you want your bedroom to have a light, airy feel, light-filtering curtains are a great choice. Though they aren’t see-through, these curtains allow a fair amount of sunlight to pass through the fabric.

7. Tab-Top Curtains

When you’re seeking home curtains with a casual style, it’s hard to go wrong with tab-top curtains. Loops at the top of the fabric cling to the rod above, allowing you to avoid using curtain rings. Like grommet curtains, tab-top curtains are easy to slide, making them ideal if you open and close your curtains often.

Find the Right Style for Your Bedroom Windows

The right curtains can be both practical and beautiful, making them a great finishing touch to complete the look of your space. No matter your aesthetic, the curtain styles above are perfect choices for your bedroom windows. Find a window treatment expert near you to learn more!

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