5 Benefits of Eating Pasture-Raised Meat

5 Benefits of Eating Pasture-Raised Meat

Pasture-raised meat is the latest growing trend in meat production. It’s easy to see why farm-fresh meat has begun to take off when considering its many benefits to animals, humans, and the earth itself.

But what are these benefits? How is pasture-raised pork or chicken, for example, serving your health?

In this guide, we’ll explore why you should be reaching for organic meat produced under humane farming practices.

Eating Pasture-Raised Meat

1. Pasture-Raised Meat Has More Nutritional Value

Pasture-raised chicken, poultry, and beef all have some nutritional benefits over their factory-raised counterparts.

One of the biggest benefits is the increased number of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially in pasture-raised pork. Omega-3 fatty acids help to support heart health. That is a great benefit when consuming a high-cholesterol product, such as meat.

Due to their rich diet of healthy grasses, pasture-raised animals also provide more antioxidants and higher levels of Vitamin D. That makes it good for you and the animals!

2. It’s Better for the Environment

More and more people have a growing concern for sustainable practices. Choosing to eat farm-raised meats is a great way to help the environment.

When animals eat the natural plants around them, it helps the soil and plants stay replenished and healthy. Farm-raised meat also generates fertilizer that helps plants prosper.

Plus, there’s no toxic runoff that is a common product of factory-raised meat.

3. It’s Better for Public Health

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to our public health. Factory-raised meats are often full of antibiotics, which can contribute to antibiotic resistance in the humans who eat them.

Animals raised on farms rarely need antibiotics. This is largely thanks to the cleaner, more stable environment a farm can offer.

4. It Supports the Local Economy

Most pasture-raised meat comes from local or small farms. This helps support the economy by allowing you to shop from smaller businesses.

Shopping locally also has environmental benefits. Pollution from long-distance distribution practices is less of an issue when shopping for farm-raised meats.

See here for more about getting access to local, organic meats.

5. It Just Tastes Better

Farm-raised meats are often juicier, have a better texture, and offer more flavor than their factory-raised counterparts. This is likely due to the better quality of life these animals experience. Better quality of life causes less stress and better feeding.

Pasture-raised meats often hold on to less fat and less water, making them a leaner, more flavorful cut of meat. These animals are also able to grow to an older age, allowing their muscles and meat to mature for a more intense flavor.

Farm-Fresh Meats Are Great for the Whole Family

As you can see, pasture-raised meats are simply a great choice for any meat-eater. Whether you’re concerned about the animal’s quality of life, health, flavor, or the environment, farm-fresh meats are the way to go. Check out our Food & Drink tab under the Lifestyle section for more nutritional tips and advice.

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