Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements: After Reviewing more than 10 Products, We Have Chosen 5

Have you ever felt left out seeing the shirtless men at sea beaches or at a gym with awesome ripped bodies and showing off their masculinity?  Did you desire for those abs deep down inside?

If one of the above-mentioned situations ever happened to you, this article is for you?

Here, in this report, we will tell about Testosterone, the primary male hormone. The hormone plays an important role in the making of a male i.e. in development of male reproductive tissues and also in developing male sexual characteristics such as

  • Muscle,
  • Bone growth,
  • Voice texture and
  • Growth of body hair

While talking about men and their hormones we should know in the first place, you can achieve a good physique by eating some healthy diet and doing some exercise but in order to be a real man, you need the T-Hormone. Without the Testosterone hormone, all your masculinity will just get vanished.

Unfortunately, the levels of testosterone in your body decreases with your age i.e. the older you grow the more you will lose your ability to satisfy. That’s the reason, a forty-year-old man can not satisfy ladies as a twenty-five-year-old.

Well, don’t be disappointed after reading the above paragraph, here in this report we will tell you about the ways to get back your testosterone levels and we are not talking about the testosterone injections.

And the way to get back your masculinity is a testosterone booster. You can call it a gift of modern science. These testosterone boosters help you in regaining the testosterone hormone.

As we all know, there are more than 100 testosterone boosters available in the market. But many of those boosters don’t do their work properly. In this report, we will help to know about the best testosterone boosters which will do their job most efficiently.

We have reviewed many boosters and did a lot of research about the products and prepared a list of 5 products to reduce your hard work and of course to keep you from wasting money on a worthless product.

But here, in this report rather than telling you only about the best testosterone boosters, we will give you much information about the hormone as well.

We will tell you how to know that your testosterone levels are weather low inside your body. Also, we will tell you about what work the booster does for your body and it’s dosage. Also, we will discuss the advantages and side effects of the product.

Top 5 Testosterone Boosters

There are many testosterone boosters available online which you can buy and use with a doctor’s prescription. Some of them are effective, useful and others are not at all. Whatever it may be, it is always wise to first check with your doctor and then buy the right testosterone booster that benefits you.

After doing a thorough online research and reviewing many products we have enlisted these 5 as the best products. Doctors also prescribe these often.

1. Testrogen- It’s the strongest one.

2. Prime Male- This one is the best for the male over 40.

3. Testro Max- It is best for libido.

4. Testro Fuel- It’s best for muscle growth.

5. Testrx- This one is the best for men over 50 years.

Why Should We Consider Testosterone Boosters?

We already know that the testosterone level in our body decreases with growing age. According to research, between the age of early twenties to early thirties  the peak level of testosterone occurs in men.

So, after the early thirties, as a part of life men start to lose their testosterone level naturally. With the decreased level of testosterone hormone, men will lose the ability to perform several activities that are supported by testosterone.

Some of the examples as they face difficulty in losing fat while working out, decline muscle growth and most importantly their ability to sexually satisfy women decreases.

Taking testosterone boosters will help you regain your decreased testosterone levels. When you are in your 50s or 60s you may get back your pick up days of 20s.

But you will definitely feel better than you have been feeling all these years. You will feel some different type of energy inside and definitely love the new version of yourself.

5 Best Testosterone Boosters

There are plenty of testosterone boosters available in the market. From the wide range of varieties available it was quite difficult to sort out top 5 testosterone boosters.

It took a lot of hard work and time for us to surf on the internet and to sort out the real products from the fake ones. 

We have started this work by reading out medical and scientific journals written on testosterone and testosterone boosters as much as possible.

After reading about the scientific facts, we read about the read and point out the reliable testosterone boosters’ producers. We have done full research on their products and what they offer.

We didn’t stop here; we have also researched and read lots of fitness blogs written on the experience of people after having testosterone boosters.

We have also gone through many reviews on the different brands of testosterone boosters to be sure about whether the product is working as promised by manufacturers or not and what kind of side effects the product has.

Now, after the conscientious research work  on the different brands of testosterone boosters and comparing them, the sorted out 5 products are here:

1. Testrogen- the strongest testosterone booster

  • It’s made of all-natural and powerful ingredients and it is very effective.
  • Time-proven reputation i.e. 5 years on the market.
  • It is shipped all over the world for free.
  • It was voted as the best testosterone booster in 2020.

This product was first launched in 2014, since then it’s always been very popular among users by making itself safe, working efficiently as a testosterone booster and with no side effects.

Testrogen is made by mixing very strong natural ingredients for boosting the production of testosterone in your body. It also provides many other advantages such as increases muscle size, helps your libido and sharpens your focus.

Ingredients of Testrogen

It contains a total of 11 active ingredients, that are-

1. D-Aspartic Acid

2. Nettle leaf extract

3. Korean red ginseng extract

4. Fenugreek extract

5. Black pepper extract (piperine)

6. Boron

7. Magnesium

8. Zinc

9. Vitamin D3

10. Vitamin K1

11. Vitamin B6

How Does Testrogen Work?

Testrogen doesn’t add testosterone hormone to your body directly as that can result in several bad side effects. Instead, it helps your body in the production of testosterone naturally to increase the level of testosterone.

Improves sex drive:

Before both you and your partner are ready, if you are becoming cold, then Testrogen would definitely help you. It will help you in regaining the energy like at a young age, you will be able to get harder and stronger between the sheets. That will make both you and your partner happy.

Sharpens focus:

If you have been losing your focus on work or anything you loved doing in the past days. Testrogen will help you get back the competitive spirit of yours. And you will be able to concentrate on work, sports etc.

Improves muscle growth:

If you are able to get any positive result after working out tirelessly for many days. Then have Testrogen. It will help to get leaner muscles, make you stronger and also it will help you to get rid of those annoying fat.

How to Use Testrogen?

It is made for the men above 18 years old. And The proposed dosage of Testrogen is four capsules a day. A full bottle Testrogen contains 120 capsules that are enough for 1 month.

Pros of Testrogen:

Testrogen has many benefits and provides many advantages to attract users.

  • It is made of effective, strong natural products.
  • It’s scientifically tested and proven to be one of the best testosterone boosters.
  • It offers you free shipping to different countries.
  • Also promised you assured money back.

Cons of Testrogen:

The Testrogen doesn’t have many drawbacks. The only cons of the product is, you cannot buy this offline. The only option to buy this is online.

Where to get Testrogen and deals:

In order to buy the product, visit their official website . If you buy the supplement for 2 months together, they will offer you free shipping for ordering for 3 month course together, you will get an extra two free shipping as a bonus.

2. Prime Male – best for men over 40

  • It works best in older men i.e. men over 40.
  • With its strong dosages, it gives you a 9 months guarantee.
  • It also provides free international shipping.

The prime male is made by a UK based company by giving a lot of effort, time and research about the testosterone boosters. All their efforts have resulted in a product that brought them many awards as the best testosterone booster for men over 40. The product promised to increase your testosterone boosters by 42% within 12 days only.


Prime male testosterone booster contains 12 critical ingredients, that are:

1. D-Aspartic Acid

2. Bioperine

3. Red ginseng extract

4. Mucuna Pruriens seed extract

5. Nettle root

6. Boron

7. Luteolin

8. Magnesium

9. Zinc

10. Vitamin K12

11. Vitamin D3

12. Vitamin B6

How Primemale Works?

This supplement is made by attentively combining selected ingredients for a strong, synergistic and accurate testosterone-boosting effect. It helps your body several ways such as-

Boost your health:

The supplement helps you in improving your overall health.  It increases your testosterone levels without giving you any trouble, and the hormone helps you to improve your metabolism, boost your immune system, and also helps in preventing cardiovascular problems.

Get your energy back:

It helps you in getting your old energy back and puts an end to those low feeling days when you didn’t feel much active. It also helps you in improving your mood giving you a new energized feeling.

Lose the fat:

When after putting too much time on working out and restlessly exercising turns out to be in vain, have a prime male booster. As after decreasing testosterone level fat becomes quite hard to lose, this supplement increases your testosterone level making it easy for you.

How to use Prime Male?

The dosage recommended for Prime Male is 4 pills a day by the producers. You can have the pills each with breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner.  One bottle of prime male contains 120 pills that are a one full month course.

Pros of using Prime Male:

Prime Male provides many benefits and is one of the best testosterone boosters for men over 40 years.

  • It is made of the ingredients that are safe and effective.
  • It is proven that this supplement is best for men over 40 years old.
  • It comes with a 90 days guarantee.
  • It also offers international free shipping.

Cons of using Prime Male:

Using Prime Male doesn’t give many disadvantages. There are only a few cons of using Prime Male, that are-

  • One of the biggest cons of the product is its high price.
  • It is only available online and you cannot buy the product offline.

Where to get Prime Male and deals?

As it is not available offline, you can only buy the product online from the company’s official website i.e. Currently, they are giving an offer of getting one free box on buying three boxes together And getting two free boxes on buying four boxes together.

3. Testo Max- best for libido

  • Made of effective, natural products.
  • Prepared after lots of scientific research.
  • It targets the libido of the user.
  • It has no side effects.

The manufacturer company of the supplement is from California. They produced the product after doing lots of scientific research about the testosterone boosters.

While making the supplement the company mainly put their focus on preparing a good quality product using only natural ingredients. They say after taking the supplement, it will take just 7 to 14 days to show the effective results.


The Testro Max doesn’t contain many products, but the few products used preparing the supplement are proven to be very efficient in increasing the testosterone levels of the body naturally by scientific research.

They don’t use any harmful ingredients in order to avoid unwanted side effects. The ingredients used in preparing Testro Max are:

1. Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali)

2. Ginger root

3. Ginkgo Biloba

How Testo Max Works?

The primary aim in producing testo max is to help in recovering the low libido without any side effects. The ingredients used to make Testo max are safe and they work very efficiently and quickly.

Regain control over your sex life

The main aim of testo max is to help you in getting back your libido. Testo max gives you the ability to mend your sex drive making that harder, giving you more sustainable erections, letting you be the beast between the sheets you want to be.

Build Muscle Faster:

The ingredients used in the making of the testo max have properties of increasing testosterone levels in the body very fast and also increases blood flow. Your muscle gets the required oxygen resulting in the faster muscle growth and increased stamina.

More energy and confidence:

Sometimes low testosterone levels result in bad mood swings i.e. you will feel low and find a motivation will be hard for you or you may lose your temper on everything and everyone around you.

When suffering from these mood swings Testo Max will help you to get rid of these. Testo Max increases the testosterone levels in your body resulting in you feeling confident not only inside the bedroom but out of the bedroom also.

How to use Testo Max:

For the normal pop, the dosage suggested by producers is 2 pills a day i.e. one pill in the morning and one in the evening. For those who are above 40 or professional athletes, the dosage is double i.e. two in the morning and two in the evening. After taking the pills for ten consecutive days, take a 5 days break and keep on repeating the cycle.

Pros of using Testo Max:

Testo Max is a very much helpful testosterone booster and its key advantages are-

  • The main objective of this product is to get back your libido, and the product does that quite efficiently.
  • The ingredients used in making Testo Max are very safe and product and work quickly. The company gives you a 90 days guarantee on the product.

Cons of using Testo Max:

While considering the disadvantages of using Testo Max the only thing that can go across your mind is its shipping charges. It may not always offer you free shipping.

Where to get Testo Max and Deals:

If you want to give this product a try, visit the official website of the manufacturer company and buy it now. They give many offers such as you can get a free book or on ordering a six month set of Testo Max you can get free shipping and a discount on the price of each bottle.

4. TestoFuel – best for muscle growth

  • It is the best testosterone booster to enhance muscle mass.
  • It also increases the stamina of muscles.
  • It comes with 90 days guaranteed result.

The manufacturer company produced the product after doing serious research on testosterone boosters and made this supplement with the aim of enhancing real muscle growth.

So, this product is perfect for those gym freaks or for those who are in weight lifting by profession or engaged with heavy athlete work.


This supplement is made of 100% natural powerful plant extracts and nutrients to increase your testosterone levels. This doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients or synthetic substances that can result in some severe side effects. The ingredients used in TestoFuel are-

1. D-Aspartic acid

2. Asian Red Panax Ginseng

3. Fenugreek seed

4. Oyster extract

5. Magnesium

6. Zinc

7. Vitamin K2

8. Vitamin B12

9. Vitamin D3

How TestoFuel Works?

This testosterone booster is known as the best supplement for muscle growth. It will serve its purpose by building up the testosterone level of the body.   

Real Muscle Growth:

This is the main objective of the TestoFuel testosterone booster. As we already know that testosterone hormone helps in the muscle growth of men, TestoFuel helps you in increasing testosterone in your body that results in real growth of muscle and also helps in reducing body fat.

Boost Your Self Confidence:

Men with low levels of testosterone tend to lose their motivation and lose their competitive spirits in the gym or at work. With the help of TestoFuel, you get back your testosterone level along with your lost self-confidence.  

How to use TestoFuel?

The manufacturer of TestoFuel recommends the dosage of 4 capsules a day. One bottle of the supplement contains 120 capsules that are a one month course.

Pros of Using TestoFuel:

  • This supplement helps in muscle growth very efficiently.
  • The Testo Fuel capsules have a transparent formula.
  • The company avails international shipping.
  • They also offer a 90 days guarantee.

Cons of Using TestoFuel:

The only con of this product is that you can only buy this product online from the manufacturer’s website.

Where to buy TestoFuel and deal?

For buying the TestoFuel testosterone booster you need to visit the company’s official website. Currently, the best deal available on the website is on buying 4 boxes of TestoFuel you will get 2 boxes of TestoFuel for free along with 2 free e-books on nutrition and work out and worldwide free shipping.

5. Testrx – Best for men over 50

  • It has a well-balanced formula.
  • It is entirely made of natural ingredients that have been proving themselves to users over and over again.
  • It helps in losing weight without sacrificing muscle mass.

Testrx helps you in increasing testosterone hormone levels to prevent the growth of stubborn body fat and replace the fat with hard muscle. In short, it helps you in weight loss without losing muscle mass.


1. ZMA

2. Fenugreek seed extract

3. Vitamin D3

4. Vitamin K2

5. Vitamin B6

6. Magnesium

7. Zinc

8. D-Aspartic Acid

How Testrx Works?

While you are using Testrx, you do not need to have those harmful steroids made of illegal substances, as the manufacturer uses only natural harmless ingredients for making the supplement.

Maximizing Energy:

Putting lots of time and effort in working out and exercising in order to lose extra weight can make you so tired that one can easily distract you and demotivate your spirit. Testrx will help you to maintain your energy level and keep you focused by increasing your testosterone levels.

Faster Muscle Growth and Recovery:

Testosterone helps you by regaining the testosterone level of the to optimum levels that help you to get a leaner muscle mass which is all about muscle growth and recovery.

How to Use Testrx?

The recommended dosage of Testrx is 2 pills a day. A box of the supplement has 60 pills, that is the course of one month.

Pros of Using Testrx:

  • It is made of entirely natural ingredients that are quite effective.
  • It also contains ZMA which helps in enhancing sleep.
  • Its dosage is very strong and effective.

Cons of Using Testrx:

If you think of trying this testosterone booster, you will only be able to get this online.

Where to Get Testrx and deals:

If you want to give this testosterone booster supplement a try, you will need to visit the company’s website to buy the supplement. You will get the best price per box on buying 6 boxes at a time and also get free worldwide shipping.

The Active Ingredients in Natural Testosterone Boosters:

The ingredients used in testosterone boosters varies from company to company. We need to learn about the working methods of testosterone boosters before knowing searching for solutions to your testosterone problems.

Testosterone doesn’t control limited body functions, it plays important roles in many activities on your body. One booster could not solve all of the effects that occur due to lack of testosterone.

So, different companies aim for specific shortcomings due to testosterone and pick the ingredients that are best for solving the specific problem they aim to solve.

To be specific, the companies mark the symptoms that occur due to lack of testosterone. Then they produce testosterone boosters, some of which may help in the growth of muscle mass while others help you get better sleep.

There is no single miraculous testosterone booster that will solve all the problems caused due to lack of testosterone hormone.

Natural testosterone boosters are made of ingredients that help your body to produce testosterone. The ingredients used for this purpose are D-aspartic acid, long jack, Bioperine, magnesium, ZMA, fenugreek, etc.

ZMA is the most researched ingredient among all the ingredients. It is a combination of Magnesium, zinc and Vitamin B6 which are scientifically proven to be effective in increasing the testosterone hormone levels in the body naturally. ZMA is also effective in enhancing quality sleep.

Every natural ingredient has its own ways to increase testosterone level and also helps in different activities in the body indirectly to improve health.

Some ingredients may work as strong antioxidants while some others reduce the secretion of harmful hormones, there are also some that are helpful in reducing the growth of body fat.

Symptoms of decreased testosterone levels:

If your testosterone hormone measure shows less than 300 nanograms per dl, it will be considered as low testosterone level medically.

But, you don’t always need to be a medical person to detect low testosterone levels, your body will show some symptoms while lacking testosterone hormone.

Some of the symptoms are very much talked about on the media while others are not that much popular. But you need to know them as well.

Here we will tell you the symptoms that indicate a lower testosterone level.

Reduced muscle mass:

With the growing age as your testosterone levels fall you will find yourself losing muscle mass. This happens because testosterone plays an important role in maintaining muscle mass.

Especially when you are eating healthy and exercising regularly and still reducing muscle mass rapidly. It indicates a very low level of testosterone hormone.

Mood swings:

Lowered levels of testosterone may result in sudden mood changes in you. To be said properly, you will lose your focus, feel demotivated, and feel depressed for small reasons.

You will turn from happy to angry within seconds. Everything and everyone around you may annoy you for no reasons. When all this happens, low levels of testosterone hormone is to be blamed.

Difficulties in sustaining erection:

Though testosterone doesn’t cause erection directly, it signals the brain cells that stimulate the production of nitric acid. This process sets off a chain of chemical reactions leading to an erection.

If you face difficulty in sustaining the erection, it also indicates low levels of testosterone. Consult a urologist or an endocrinologist as they will guide you in the best way, and will also suggest the best testosterone booster for your issue.

Low sex drive:

This one is the most famous symptom of low testosterone level among the media. Sex drives naturally go down with the age and there are some other factors involved with this other than just testosterone levels.

Testosterone does play an important role in libido. So, if you suddenly lose interest in having sex, that suggests a drastic change in testosterone levels.

In such cases, a testosterone booster works perfectly. But again, it is recommended to consult your doctor first, before you set your mind to buying any particular testosterone booster.

Especially, when it comes to boosting up your sex drive, it is very important to consult a doctor who is a specialist in sex-related treatments. In this case, a urologist or an endocrinologist can sort out the issue and guide you the best way.

Reduction of testicle size:

Testicles do shrink normally in colder temperatures. Buying if your testicles shrink in normal temperature could indicate the lowering of testosterone levels.

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

As we have already said, testosterone boosters mark a specific problem and then choose and combine ingredients to solve them.

Testosterone boosters raise the testosterone levels in by three ways, that are-

1. Making bound testosterone available to the system-

According to researchers, the amount of free available testosterone in a man’s body is 60% of total testosterone in the system. Sometimes despite having enough testosterone in your body you can’t use them when needed. This is because globulin binds that testosterone making you unable to use them.

Some testosterone boosters contain ingredients that inhibit globulin production. In this way, they raise the free testosterone levels in the body to be used when needed.

2. Reducing the level of Estrogen and Prolactin-

Estrogen and Prolactin are generally found in larger amounts in women, but men also have them in their body. Sometimes, the overproduction of estrogen and Prolactin in a man’s body can suppress the production of testosterone.

An enzyme called aromatase controls the production of estrogen in men. Excessive amounts of aromatase induce excessive production of estrogen in men.

Some testosterone boosters have ingredients that suppress the production aromatase enzyme to reduce the estrogen levels. Thus, testosterone is released in enough quantities.

3. Supplementing dietary needs-

Though Testosterone is produced in the body as a result of the functions of the endocrine system and the brain, some required ingredients we get from our regular diet.

When your regular diet lacks those ingredients, production of testosterone in the body reduces gradually. Some of the boosters just provide those ingredients to your body resulting in insufficient testosterone production.

So you first need to know which ingredient you are lacking in order to fill up the gap with the right testosterone booster. And for this, your family physician will be the right person to guide you.

Good Effects of using Testosterone Boosters:

As we all know, men’s bodies show some dysfunctions due to lack of testosterone. Testosterone boosters reduce those dysfunctions increasing testosterone level in the body.

Leaner Muscle Mass:

Testosterone works amazingly in increasing muscle mass and also helps in reducing the stubborn body fat, resulting in leaner muscle mass. For this reason, testosterone boosters are favourite for fitness freak and bodybuilders.

Better Sex Drive:

Low levels of testosterone results in your performance on bed. That’s the most cared effect of lacking testosterone in the body. A testosterone booster efficiently improves tour sex drive improving your performance inside the bedroom.

If you face difficulty in sustaining an erection, testosterone booster will help you with this too. Some testosterone boosters are specially designed for libido.

This advantage of testosterone boosters in improving sex drive is most popular than all other benefits of testosterone boosters.

Improves Bone Density:

With the decreased testosterone level, men’s bone density also decreases resulting in diseases like osteoporosis. That leads to an increased chance for injuries and also affects athletic performance. 

Testosterone boosters increase testosterone level preventing the lowering of bone density. This benefit makes testosterone boosters essential in the athletes’ regular diet.

Enhances Mood:

As we have already discussed that lack of testosterone leads to sudden mood swings. Boosting testosterone in the body also helps in improving the mood.

Side Effects of Using Testosterone Boosters:

Though everybody’s testosterone booster doesn’t always show side effects, sometimes they show some mild effects that are ignorant. This happens when you don’t follow the company’s instructions properly.

Sometimes using testosterone boosters can worsen the existing medical conditions. When this happens it’s highly recommended to stop using the booster immediately and consult your doctor.

It is also recommended that you consult a doctor even before you try one for yourself. The physician will prescribe the right testosterone for you and will also inform the right dosage that will be suitable for you.

Increases the risk of blood clotting:

Testosterone helps in producing RBCs. But excessive production of the RBCs can cause blood clotting.


Using testosterone boosters sometimes causes acne and irritable rashes on the skin of those who never had that problem. And if you already have acne, using testosterone boosters may worsen that.

Enlarged Prostate Gland:

Using testosterone boosters for a long time can cause prostatic hyperplasia, a condition where enlargement of prostate gland occurs.

Though this is not generally cancerous, for those having prostate cancer already it can worsen their condition.

Other side effects of testosterone boosters include a lower sperm count, enlargement of breast and also aggressive behaviour. If you want to lower the chances of the side effects, you should consult a doctor before starting to use boosters.

The best results of testosterone boosters for getting maximum results:

Testosterone boosters of different brands come with their recommended dosage. Testosterone boosters don’t work equally for everyone. The dosage may differ from one to another brand.

While using the booster one should strictly follow the guidelines given by the company. As using less than recommended dosage both may not give you expected outcomes. Or using more than recommended dosage expecting to get faster results, you will put yourself at risk.

  • For Muscle or Bodybuilding- Maximum dosage should be 4 pills a day.
  • For the men over 40- The dosage should be 3 – 4 capsules a day.
  • For the men over 50- Maximum 4 – 5 pills every day.


As the testosterone levels decrease with the growing age, optimum levels of testosterone occur between the age of early twenties to early thirties.

If you are at an age range between 31 to 55 testosterone boosters may be of great help for you to boost free testosterone in your body.

Testosterone boosters will help you to regain your lost interest in sex and increase the sustainability of erection. Testosterone boosters also help you in getting ripped by losing fat while working out immensely.

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