Online Gift Registry for Wedding

Best Tips to Create Online Gift Registry for Wedding

Gifts are an essential part of any celebration, more so, if it’s a wedding. After all, your friends and family would love to gift stuff that would come to occupy an important part in your marital home (and life!)

Why not make it easier for them by creating an online gift registry of all the stuff you would love? You only have to keep a couple of things in mind, and you’ll soon have a registry that’s perfect for you and your spouse.

Schedule Properly and Start Early

It takes time to curate a gift list of your choice, so it’s advisable to start early. Take your time to select the items. Keep the wedding guests in mind and include choices, so your guests don’t have a hard time picking and choosing. Also, be mindful of the quantity you add and options that suit every budget. Depending on where you want it delivered and when you have to give the logistics details to plan the delivery. Ideally, it is better to start right after engagement or once the dates are finalized.

Include Your Partner

Your new life isn’t going to be yours alone. Include your partner in gift selection too. Make it an excuse to spend some quality time together. Decide what kind of items you would like in your new home. You’ll love it!

Assess your Needs

Don’t just include items you like. If you and your partner are residing together, make a list of all things you already have. Of course, your needs will change with time. So, keep that in mind too. Check what needs to be replaced and what would be a welcome addition. This will prevent hoarding and getting stuff that you will need and use in your day-to-day life.

Check for Store’s Return Policy

When planning your online gift registry, make sure to check out the store’s return and exchange policy. You may end up getting too many sets of China, and you don’t need so many of them. You should be able to return it later and pick another item of your choice. Although companies keep such eventualities in mind and cater to all that newlyweds need, it is always better to ask beforehand.

Include all Price Range

As much as you’d like that silver china set or the dream bedding, not everyone from your guest list will have the budget for it. You don’t want your closest friends to get embarrassed because they could not find a single item in the registry in their budget.

Of course, you know your guests and will have an idea of how much they’d be willing to spend, yet it is better to include a wide variety to suit every budget to give them the luxury of choice.

Lastly, be considerate of all your guests. Some may find it easier to book a gift over the phone or pick it up physically from the store. Make sure the store accepts orders through all modes- in person, through phone, or online.

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