biggest shark in the world

Top 5 Biggest Sharks in the World

In our waters for hundreds of millions of years, a diverse group of fish called sharks has been cruising around. They have always fascinated people. They are not only the most majestic creatures on Earth but also have been stimulating our imagination for years. 

Wondering about the biggest shark in the world that prevails in the sea and oceans? So with over 500 species swimming in the oceans, here are some biggest sharks that have been dominating our oceans for centuries. 

1. Megamouth Shark- The Most Famous Biggest Shark in the World

Megamouth sharks are filter feeders that consume food by inhaling large amounts of seawater and prey on enormous amounts of tiny shrimp-like plankton. They are one of the biggest sharks in the world and can reach lengths up to 16 feet and weighs 1,650 lb. 

Usually, they spend their days submerged in the ocean, but at night, the largest shark in the world comes to the surface to hunt for prey. They can be found in all of the world’s major oceans. 

2. Thresher Shark- Named as the Biggest Shark in the World 

Another bulk shark in our water lives the Thresher Shark which has long, sickle-shaped tails that makeup half their total body length. They consume food by hitting fish directly with their large tails, especially small schooling fish like herring. 

These sharks reach a length of 20 feet. However, the longest and biggest ones reach a length of 24.9 feet and weigh more than 750 pounds. This the most biggest shark in the world can be found in all of the world’s tropical and cold sea environments except polar waters. 

3. Great White Shark (The Most Widely Accepted Biggest Shark in the World)

The Great White Shark is another largest shark in the world and are the most well-known ocean predators, a non-filter-feeding shark. When they are young, they consume food by hunting fish and other small prey that are close to the seafloor. 

However, when they get older, these sharks consume food by hunting marine mammals like sea lions and dolphins. They can grow from 20 to 23 feet long. They have a weight limit of up to 7,000 pounds. Even though they have a vast geographic range, they are mainly found in warm temperature waters like the Pacific Ocean.

4. Whale Shark (The Biggest Hunter Shark in the World)

Another longest shark in the world and the largest filter-feeding shark is the whale shark. They are renowned over the globe for their hunting power. They are considered an endangered species and also considered a threat to humans during performing activities like fishing and have the most bites on people on record. 

They are found all around the world in tropical and warm temperate oceans excluding the Mediterranean Sea. These biggest whale shark in the world reach lengths of between 18 and 33 feet. However, the longest and biggest ones reach a length of 66 feet and weigh between 46 to 66 tonnes. 

5. Megalodon (The Re-Discovered or Re-Invented Biggest Shark in the World)

Another longest shark in the world that has ever existed is the Megalodon. Based on fossilized teeth, this biggest megalodon in the world has size between 60 feet to 80 feet and weighs around 50 tonnes. 

It means they are three to four times larger than great white sharks. The world’s biggest shark Megalodon sharks are long extinct. However, they were brought back to life for the big screen in works like the 2018 sci-fi thriller movie- The Meg. 

Travel to Open Waters to Explore the Amazing Biggest Shark species in the World!

Since sharks reside far out in the ocean, some of the largest sharks in the world are almost difficult to see or explore by travel explorers. However, the largest sharks should always be treated seriously because they are extremely deadly due to their predatory instincts. So if you want to see some of the most amazing biggest sharks in the world, make sure you go on tours and don’t leave behind your cameras. 

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