Black and White - a Unique Fun Arcade Game, Exciting and Challenging

Black and White – a Unique Fun Arcade Game, Exciting and Challenging

Playing games on the Smartphone is really so fun and most of the users love that. There are millions of games available on Google Play in different categories like racing games, puzzle games, arcade games, board games, etc. You can choose your favorite game very easily to play for having fun at your lazier time. And, here I’m going to talk about a unique arcade game that’s so simple but very challenging and addictive. The game is named Black and White.

So, here, let’s have a look bellow to the few more details of this game.

Black and White

Black and White

Perhaps you have already played some of the best arcade games available on play store. But, the Black and White is something unique that you would love. It’s a free fun game with unique gameplay, nice graphics, and control. Probably you haven’t played anything like this one before.  However, it seems that it’s similar to old “Bounce” game (that was available for Symbian OS once).

The game is so simple and light-weight as well, the size is only 3.8MB (could be different based on different devices). Also not filled with extra options or features.

In the game screen, there are only 2 options you’ll see – play and reset. As well as, a go back home button while you’re playing. The gameplay is like – there is a tiny continuous bouncing white ball, and two different colors box obstacles (black and white). To play, you need to pass the ball ahead hitting the white boxes, but not the black boxes. Hitting the white ball on black boxes causes the game is over.

It could be seemed easy at first sight, but in reality, it’s very challenging, exciting, and addictive. Always, keep your eye on the bouncing ball, keep leading it ahead avoiding the black boxes, win each level, and go ahead. There are many challenging levels waiting for you.

Download Black and White for Android


Just install this fun game on your Smartphone, start playing, have lots of fun, and enjoy your time. And, let us know your opinion in the comments after playing this fun arcade game. We’re all here together.

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