Using the Best Business Phone Service

The Guide to Using the Best Business Phone Service

Every enterprise has a telephone network or an in-house PBX system with internal and external connections. Employees use different phones for internal calls, local and national calls, and international calls. For years, enterprises have been paying huge amounts of telephone bills and also spending money on maintaining the network and hardware.

Over time, the costs of maintenance and repair would increase as the telephone units get old and start to malfunction. The network also would need to be upgraded to make sure that the quality of the calls doesn’t go down.

With cloud connectivity making an entry into the market, many software solutions, and systems are being migrated to the cloud. The PBX system too saw a change that brought a new wave into the market.

Instead of using traditional telephone lines, enterprises can use the internet connection to make calls. The PBX system is hosted on the cloud of the service provider. Though the prices were high initially and the virtual PBX had too many issues, fiber optics network and high-speed internet connection made it possible to use a virtual PBX system without any trouble.

In this blog, we will see enterprises can use the best business phone service hosted on the service provider’s cloud and bring positive changes to the business system.

Get Rid of Aging Hardware

Aging hardware and software are one of the main reasons why enterprises are migrating to the cloud. The telephone communication system is no different. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on repairing old telephone devices and buying new ones, enterprises can get rid of them all by using the virtual phone system. While enterprises need to buy internet phones for the purpose, it is not compulsory. Employees can use their existing smartphones, tablets, and laptops to make calls through the internet network.

No Need for Maintenance

Telephone cables are tricky and complicated. Even a small change can cause a lot of disturbance and result in reduced call quality. Maintaining the phone lines, especially during erratic climatic conditions is very hard. But with a fiber network internet connection, enterprises do not have to worry about disrupted services due to bad weather. Also, the service provider is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the internet network. The same company will take care of the business phone services as well.

Remote Configuration and Troubleshooting

Enterprises can forget about calling and waiting for the technician to come and check the phone lines. Since the PBX system is hosted on the cloud, the service provider will remotely configure and upgrade the system. If there are any errors in the network, the support staff will troubleshoot through the web interface. They are usually available online round the clock to assist enterprises in keeping the phone system free of errors.

Additional Features

The hosted business phone system offers an array of the latest features that make it easy for enterprises to manage their communication system. While the basic features are provided with the hosted services, enterprises have the freedom to choose which additional features they want to include in the package and pay only for those services. This helps in cutting down the price of the package and also improves the quality of the services. The following are some of the additional features preferred by many enterprises.

  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Recording
  • Extensions
  • Mobile Apps

Security, Flexibility, and Scalability

Network security has always been a matter of concern for enterprises. By investing in hosted PBX systems, enterprises can breathe easy. They also have the choice of choosing between a private, public, or a hybrid network connection based on the level of security they require. Since the voice is converted to data packets and transmitted through the internet network, the same security level can be set for the entire connection. As the business expands, enterprises can add new devices and numbers to the same connection. The PBX system can be scaled based on the changing requirements of the enterprise.  

Combined UC and Complete UC&C

The best business phone service provider will offer enterprises with various options creating a virtual PBX system. Enterprises can opt for combined Unified Communications that include features like messaging and video calls. Complete Unified Communications and Collaborations include all the features of the basic hosted PBX along with the features of combined UC and additional options for conferencing and team collaborations irrespective of geographical locations.

Many enterprises are already enjoying the benefits of a hosted/ virtual PBX system. Small, medium, and large scale enterprises are taking steps to integrate their business phone system to CRM and other software solutions to provide comprehensive customer support and increase customer satisfaction. Enterprises can contact the service providers for more information about hosted business phone services. 

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