Camping in the Lap of Himachal:

Himachal Pradesh is a famous tourist destination of India where people come to savor natural views and spend some aloof time in the lap of nature. Activities like camping and trekking are the favorite things to do in Himachal.

The lush forests, majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and stunning waterfalls make it essential for every visitor to spend at least one night in the camps of Himachal to enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest.

Among all the adventurous activities, camping is one such activity that attracts the highest number of tourists because one doesn’t need any special skills or expertise to do camping. All you have to do is to book a camping tour. It includes the itinerary of your whole camping experience, your food, your camps and everything else.

But, there are plenty of camping sites in Himachal Pradesh due to which you can be a little bit confused. Every camping site offers a unique experience, and to present the essence of all the top camping experiences, we have created this camping guide of Himachal.

Here, we are going to discuss the best camping sites of Himachal and some important tips for the campers.

Best Camping Sites in Himachal:

  1. Bhrigu Lake, Manali:

Manali is indeed one of the most famous hill stations of Himachal. We have kept this camping site on the top because a majority of tourist visit Manali on their Himachal tour.  So, you can try camping near Bhrigu Lake while staying in Manali.

The beautiful Bhrigu Lake holds mythological significance, and it is named after a person named Bhrigu. To reach this mesmerizing sight, you can also do trekking from Gulaba. This will add more value to your camping tour as you will pass through lush green forests of pine, cedar, and oak.

At the end of your trek, you will reach your comfortable camps located near Bhrigu Lake. You can savor natural views, dip your feet in the sacred lake or listen to the mythological stories associated with this lake while camping here.

Camping Price: INR 1800 per person

Duration: 1 night/ 2 days

  1. Triund, Dharamshala:

Camping in Triund is a thrilling experience which should be tried by the adventure lovers. Located in the Dhauladar range, Triund is a tiny hill station in the Kangra district of Himachal. You can only reach on the top of Triund hill by trekking as it doesn’t have any motorable roads.

You will have to stay in the Swiss tents as these are the only shelter option available on the majestic hills of Triund. The trek is quite challenging with 22 thrilling curves, but the views on the top are worth adoring.

The array of hills, floating fog and unblemished surroundings of this camping site will surely steal your heart!

Camping Price: INR 1500 per person

Duration: 1 night/ 2 days

  1. Naddi, Mcleodganj:

Naddi in Mcleodganj is another famous camping site situated in the Kangra Valley. Lush green forests and blooming meadows enhance the beauty of this camping site. Although the roads till Naddi are motorable, you will enjoy it more by trekking uphill to these camps.

You can enjoy the bird-eye views of beautiful valleys from the camping site of Naddi. In addition, the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges are also visible from here. The views look truly magical during the sunrise and sunset. The star-filled night sky also looks amazing here.

Camping Price: INR 1000 per person

Duration: 1 night/ 2 days

  1. Malana, Kasol:

Malana is a small quaint village of Kasol that is famous for its hippie culture, good quality marijuana, and tranquillity. Known as the little Europe of India, this place attracts many camping and trekking enthusiasts.

The scenic landscapes, natural fauna and serene atmosphere of Malana make it an ideal camping destination. You can reach the camps of Malana by a short 1 km trek from Kasol. Otherwise, you can also take some vehicle from Kasol to reach the camps. This camping site is best for people who love to explore the rural side of Himachal.

Camping Price: INR 2000 per person

Duration: 1 night/ 2 days


  1. Chandertal, Lahaul-Spiti:

Located in the beautiful district of Lahaul Spiti, this camping site is truly spellbinding. The name of Chandertal Lake is quite mystical as it is given due to its connection with the moon. People also call it the moon lake.

The reason behind this mystical connection is the beautiful reflection of the moon that is visible in this picturesque lake. Due to its amazing altitude of 4,300 meters, the moon seems too close to this lake.

Campers can adore this amazing sight from their camp that will be located on the banks of Chandertal Lake. The surrounding snowy mountains make the whole aura more enchanting here!

Camping Price: INR 1800 per person

Duration: 1 night/ 2 days

Tips for Camping in Himachal Pradesh:

Camping in Himachal can be your best experience or your worst endeavor as well. If you wish to make it the best experience, then you need to follow a few tips. Otherwise, you will end up being sick or injured at the end of your trip.

We are saying this for your safety, not to threaten you. Here are the tips for camping in Himachal:

  • People who are prone to mountain sickness should carry the necessary medicines for it. Visit your doctor before beginning your camping trip to know whether you are fit for this or not.
  • Carry essential things like a survival kit, torchlight, insect repellent, sunscreen lotion, etc. with you.
  • Always keep a check on your fellow campers as you or others can easily be lost in these new and challenging trails. Finding the way alone can be very difficult so, never go too far from the group.
  • Keep a first aid kit handy with you as it can be needed anytime while trekking or camping.
  • Don’t forget to pack essential toiletries as you will need it all to maintain personal hygiene in a low facility camp.






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