Random Number Generator in slots

Can you Cheat the Random Number Generator in slots?

What is your lucky charm: do you press the spin leaver only when it lights up, do you chant your family mantra four times before rolling, or do spin games like Ninja Monkey Slot whilst standing on your head claiming that its tricking the casino game?

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are what is used to decide if your stake brings you riches or leaves you in the gutter. Like all of us, we pray in our own way to see the roll we want come up, but what we really want to know is if you can actually see past the algorithm and keep that bank looking healthy.

So, what are Random Number Generators?

Online casino games use RNGs to determine the rolls slot games at the return to player (RTP) that they think will be the most attractive, and as much as they want you to play, they are never going to let you into their little secret!

But that’s why were here, we’re going to tell you the ways in which casino games set up their RNGs and whether you can cheat them, so that you know where to bet big and hold back.

The main ways the sneaky developers keep their prizes from you are:

·         Complicated and sophisticated coding to ensure that a high roller such as yourself doesn’t come in and sweep the stakes the easy way – where would be the fun then!

·         Themes and graphics – this may not seem obvious, but the themes of your favourite casino game are there to hide the Random Number Generators to reel in the small fry, but you know better and you know how to see through the cosmetics

·         Realistically, casino game developers are not hiding their secrets, they are there for you to have the most fun you can have. The slot games advertised their odds and RTP so that you can enjoy at the stakes that you are fully aware of.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide which have the best odds for you, do you want high odds and low stakes, or do you want to go big with low odds but even higher stakes!

But can you do Anything to Help These Random Number Generators on Casino Games?

Really, it is out of your hands, however you seem to be doing something right by looking at your account balance right now. Follow these short steps to remember what you can realistically do to keep those big bucks rolling in:

1.       The RNG is out of your hands, so go to your favourite game which you believe has the highest return to player

2.       Make sure you have your slot game magic words or lucky charms at the ready, you are going to need them before spinning that leaver

3.       Have fun and make sure that you share the good times with your friends and family, they will soon be wondering where you got those heaps of cash from.

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