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Car Vacuum Cleaner – Complete Guide

The reason you bought a new car is not because there weren’t any good used cars. But for the great scent. It’s irresistible.And of course you want to do everything you can to keep that great air in the car for as long as possible. You can only maintain a no ‘junk food’ rule for so long. That’s why you’re looking for a great petty thief for the car.

Life is a busy activity, and clutter is just a part of it. But nothing beats a car that is kept as clean as possible for as long as possible. Even with a used car it is important to keep it as clean as possible. You can’t change what the previous owner did, but of course you know how to look after a car. Of course, this also includes a good car vacuum cleaner. That’s why you decided to look for the best car vacuum cleaners and that’s why you came across this website.

Are there regularly crumbs of food in your car? Or do you take your dog in the car to the woods every now and then? Then we can imagine that you want a good car vacuum cleaner. The filth in the car is just unsanitary. And especially if it stays there longer, which is sometimes the case in a car. At a certain point you will get unpleasant odors. Especially when it starts to get warmer outside. We have therefore put together a buying guide for you with the MOOSOO best car vacuum cleaner models of the moment. 

Here are the 2 options to choose from the Car Vacuum Cleaners:

We give you the pros and cons for both options. This way you can make a good choice which type is most suitable for you.

Stick vacuum cleaner with handheld vacuum


The biggest advantage of a stick vacuum cleaner is that you don’t have a cord. This means that you do not have to have a long cable from the house, where you have to hope that the cable will reach the car. You just take the cordless vacuum cleaner out of the closet, click the petty thief off, press the button and start vacuuming the car. This way you don’t have an annoying wire so you can’t reach the very corner of your car. In addition, the detachable handheld and car vacuums are small in size and you can use it to reach places that are more difficult to reach with a normal car vacuum cleaner.


One of the disadvantages is that a stick vacuum cleaner works on a battery. As a result, it cannot be used indefinitely. However, the stick vacuums in the top 3 below all last at least 30 minutes in a row. During that time you should have the car clean

Long cord vacuum cleaner


The biggest advantage of a car vacuum cleaner in the form of a vacuum cleaner with a long cord, is that the suction power is often just a bit better than with a stick vacuum. This makes it often just a bit easy to vacuum up coarse dirt. Secondly, you always have a hose with which you can also reach the more difficult to reach places in the car. And thirdly, you have a larger dust container than with a stick vacuum, so you don’t have to empty it as often. 


Of course, it depends on how far you are from your nearest electrical outlet, but the potential downside is that the cord isn’t long enough to vacuum all areas of the car. What can you do about this? Make sure you park your car at the nearest outlet. Or just grab an extension cable. Fortunately, this is often not necessary with vacuum cleaners with a cord of more than 10 meters.

Which nozzles are important if I want to buy a car vacuum cleaner?

Crevice nozzle

Almost all vacuum cleaners are supplied with a crevice tool (narrow and elongated). If you want to vacuum the car, a crevice tool is a must have. Because this squeegee is so narrow, you also get to the difficult places that you cannot reach with a wide suction mouth. When cleaning the car, you can use the crevice tool, for example, to vacuum the containers between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat.

Furniture nozzle

Cleaning the back seat, car seats or parcel shelf? Then you use the upholstery nozzle. This squeegee is somewhat wider than the crevice tool. This allows you to vacuum larger surfaces faster and easier. The furniture nozzle is also included with almost every car vacuum cleaner.

Mini brush

Does your dog regularly go to the forest for walks? Then a mini brush comes in very handy. This is a powerful motorized suction nozzle, which is specially made to vacuum animal hair. Do you live afterwards? Or at another place where you drag a lot of dirt into the car? Then the mini brush is also ideal. This is because it is also well suited for vacuuming grass, sand and other coarse dirt.

Dusting brush

Of course there are also parts of the car that are slightly more vulnerable than the rear seat, the parcel shelf or the passenger seat. Consider, for example, the interior mirror or the dashboard. You don’t want to scratch this. The dusting brush is then ideal. This brush has soft bristles, so you cannot scratch while you are working with your car vacuum cleaner.

Are there any other options for buying a car vacuum cleaner?

Certainly, it is also possible to only buy a petty thief with which you can vacuum your car. You only buy a petty thief, without buying a stick vacuum cleaner. Handy, because a petty thief is small in size and cordless. You can therefore easily vacuum the car with it. Realize that you cannot vacuum the house with this. It is therefore best to buy it next to a regular vacuum cleaner for the house. Looking for the best petty thief? You can take a look at the list of the best mini vacuum cleaner models of the moment.

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