Ecommerce and Agriculture: The Innovative Pair-Up That’s Changing the World for the Better

Ecommerce and Agriculture

Ecommerce in agricultural business— this is among today’s most innovative pair-ups which are drastically changing both industries, and fast. Through the Pinduoduo website, learn about the advantages of E-Agriculture, how it promises much for the vast reaches of agriculture.  E-Agriculture: A Brief Overview  Ecommerce plus agriculture also referred to as …

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Victor Restis Eyes Rate of Technological Advancements in International Shipping & Trade

Technological Advancements in International Shipping & Trade

The COVID-19 virus has cast a dark shadow on our lives and industries. However, there are some silver linings in the way industries have been able to quickly implement new technologies to mitigate the damage caused by the global pandemic. In pre-COVID-19 conditions, millions of workers support the intricate movement …

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