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Choosing the Right Treatment: A Guide to Microchanneling vs Microneedling


Did you know that skincare is projected to generate up to $177 billion by 2025? Skincare treatments have been gaining popularity in recent years. More people seeking ways to achieve clear, glowing skin. Two popular treatments that have emerged are microchanneling and microneedling. These two treatments may sound similar. However, …

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The 4 Latest Trend in Anti-Aging: How Neck Botox Can Turn Back the Clock

Latest Trend in Anti-Aging

Imperfections, wrinkles, and sagging skin – we all want to turn back the clock and regain our youthful appearance. And with the constant advancements in anti-aging treatments, it’s now more possible than ever. But what about the often-overlooked area of the neck? That’s where neck Botox comes into play. Say …

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