Studying In New Zealand

Factors To Consider When Choosing A School For Studying In New Zealand

To study in New Zealand, the choice of institutions is very important, which determines the location, environment and quality of your study abroad in the next few years. So how to choose a school for studying in New Zealand? Today we are here to give you a detailed introduction.

1. Big cities VS small towns

Big cities have a developed economy, more job opportunities, complete living facilities, and convenient transportation, but rents and living expenses are relatively expensive, and international students are relatively concentrated, so it is not easy to find affordable housing near the school; small towns have simple folk customs, sufficient houses, and the consumption level is relatively low, but there are few part-time job opportunities and inconvenient transportation, so life may be rather boring here.

In New Zealand, the quality of a school has little to do with the size of the city where it is located. International students should make choices according to their own circumstances. If you want to study with peace of mind and the economic conditions are average, you may consider choosing a small town. Due to the advantages of a large number of schools, complete facilities, and a strong learning atmosphere, the university city has a significantly better environment for studying abroad than other places. If the purpose of studying abroad is to broaden your horizons or plan for long-term development, it is more appropriate to choose a big city. In addition to these, you also need to choose according to your major. For example, if you choose a major such as finance or design, it is best to choose a major in a big city, because you need more opportunities to contact the outside world and practice. If you choose research-oriented majors, you can choose to study in a small town.

2. Comprehensive public university VS National institute of technology

Many students of art, science and engineering, and management will encounter such a problem: Whether a professional school or a comprehensive school is better. This depends entirely on individual wishes. If you not only want to make achievements in your own professional projects during college, but also want to experience the university atmosphere and learn more other knowledge, you can choose a comprehensive university. Of course, the eight public universities in New Zealand have relatively high admission standards, and the processing time is relatively long.

On the other hand, if students have the idea of immigrating, the New Zealand national institute of technology is actually a good choice. There are many national polytechnics in New Zealand. The courses of these colleges are relatively short, focusing on practical skills, relatively easy to apply, and the course period is short.

3. Comprehensive ranking VS professional ranking

Many students will refer to the rankings of New Zealand universities when choosing institutions. Some choose to refer to the comprehensive rankings, some choose to refer to the professional rankings, and some students choose to refer to both rankings at the same time. In fact, when choosing a college, in addition to considering the ranking, you must also fully understand the detailed curriculum of the major you want to study in this school, because although many schools have majors with the same name, the actual learning content is different. Yes, only when you understand clearly, can you know whether the major of this school is suitable for you and whether it is what you want to study.

These are the factors to consider when choosing a school for studying in New Zealand. In addition to these factors, you also need to know other information about the study life in New Zealand before you begin your study. To learn more about studying in New Zealand, you can visit, a platform designed for students studying in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Through the platform, you can get a lot of news and tips about studying in New Zealand.

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