Communication Tips For Architects

Communication Tips For Architects. The Thai Example

The online communication of certain sectors definitely needs to be warmed up, or the risk of losing credibility in the eyes of one’s audience would become really high. Despite the substantial ubiquity of social media and modern digital marketing tools, many companies (and sometimes even entire industries) still struggle to produce vibrant, full of life and dynamism communication, capable of conveying authentic feelings and emotions in the final recipients of its messages.

The problem, once again, is a blind (and stubborn) belief in the role of the product, its concreteness and physicality, as if they were the only noteworthy features of an entire production. But the eye of the modern consumer is not what it used to be, when there was limited to a cold exchange of services or products between a requester and a supplier.

Today people are much more educated, much more sensitive and aware of the reality around them, and they want to know down to the smallest detail even the lesser-known aspects of a product or brand, such as its history, its distinctive features, the values that drive it, and much more. In addition to material aspects, nowadays the immateriality of productions matters most of all, that is, all that miscellaneous set of values, ethics and principles that lies behind every product and is its fundamental basis.

Increasingly, consumer purchases also depend on these kinds of aspects, which become almost a concrete way of shouting to the world who we are and what we believe in, thus clearly and effectively expressing our own personality.

The need for renewal

One of the sectors that has not yet fully embraced the benefits of the new communication is certainly that of design and architecture, which even in recent years (in most cases) has remained anchored to antiquated and unattractive logics, stubbornly devoting much of its communication to the final results of projects, to the products themselves, without telling anything else.

It is as if this sector, so rich in themes and concepts to communicate, wants to close in on itself more and more, in the belief that new ways of communicating will not bring any benefit to the quality of projects and the performance of their companies.

To effectively explain this, one need only look at the social pages of one of Thailand’s biggest architecture companies, Anghin Architecture, to whose extraordinary creativity is owed some of the best projects ever built on Thai soil (and beyond). Yet while having all this quality, the brand manages to express only a fraction of its communication potential.

On Facebook, one notices only posts portraying photos of the buildings or structures designed by the architecture firm, with very brief text to put the image in context. Content related to the aesthetic idea of the designer, the conceptual elaboration of the project (perhaps explained by the architects themselves) is very rare, almost nonexistent.

In this peculiar historical phase, architects should learn to become the protagonists of their communication channels, without being afraid to show themselves to the public. In the era of human-centered communication, dense with virtual exchanges and dialogues between people, the public will surely appreciate, and the firm’s overall reputation will surely benefit (not only in Thailand).

The role of social media

Social media should be regarded as amplifiers of a brand’s natural qualities, extremely valuable tools for fully expressing the best features hidden in a product, its functions, and its peculiar story. This is especially true for architectural firms and design brands, even outside Thailand, which possess the potential to become communication models for all other sectors.

After all, a country like Thailand has already been able to leverage the Web to effectively express the most attractive features of its brands, regardless of their industry.

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