Designing an Alcohol Bottle

7 Tips for Designing an Alcohol Bottle

Did you know alcohol bottle sales consistently grow up to 20% every year? The industry is very competitive. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to alcohol packaging.

There needs to be a stunning design that provides a memorable experience that can stimulate memories while attaching your brand to a moment in time.

The shelf presence of your alcohol packaging needs to be eye-catching. Then a person can always recognize your brand and bottle whether they are sober or intoxicated.

Here is all the information you need about alcohol package design and how to get the best look to inspire people to pick your bottles off the shelf.

1. Alcohol Bottle Options

Alcohol brands are always looking to create a competitive edge in the market. Your bottle’s design will be one of the main factors influencing a customer to buy your products.

Think about the times you have walked through a liquor store. Did you see specific bottles that caught your eye? Think about why you were drawn to those more than other brands.

Was it the color of the packaging? Their logo? If you want to stand out from the competition, you must come up with the best alcohol bottle design.

Your alcohol packaging’s color, label, and shape will be the most crucial in how others perceive your brand. Focus on the color of the bottle itself. That alone may influence a customer’s perception of your taste.

For example, when you see a bright green bottle of Midori on the shelves, you will expect to taste something sweet and refreshing because of the color. Then you will look for darker bottles like Jack Daniel’s if you want to taste hard liquor instead.

2. Understand Your Customer

Alcohol does not sell itself without an attractive package. Therefore, you need to understand your customer’s needs before throwing a label on a bottle.

Your customers will be influenced by emotional and logical factors. The rational factors will make them consider whether your product satisfies their needs.

While designing your alcohol package, you should focus on grabbing as much attention as possible.

This can be achieved through an array of colors and eye-catching designs. Check out this alcohol packaging design to ensure that people turn their heads when your bottles are on the shelves.

3. Educate Your Customers

Although having an excellent label benefits your brand, you should also have an alcohol package design that educates consumers. Besides its visual appeal, you should inform them about the product’s primary function.

Your alcohol bottle design should educate customers about ingredients and liquor strength.

Whether you decide to cover the entire bottle in a dark color or leave it transparent, you should always have informative labels to guide customers. This will help them pick up your bottles over another brand that appears vague.

4. Build an Emotional Connection

Creating a design with some catchy words and gorgeous pictures is not enough. Although they will grab attention at a glance, customers need an emotional connection with the brand to try your products.

Spending time thinking about what resonates with your target customers is beneficial. What do you offer to make them pick your brand as their favorite liquor?

During the bottle design phase, focus on how you can build an emotional connection with your customer. This will determine whether they will pick up your bottle or walk away from it for another option.

5. Boost Consumer Ego

The label for your bottle needs to be a work of art. Your responsibility is to tap into a customer’s senses. This will be a reflection of your bottle’s contents.

Otherwise, people will end up with a poor perception of your business and will cancel your brand awareness by telling all their friends. Your design should help someone reflect on themselves to identify with your brand.

For instance, a person who buys Grey Goose wants to look and feel elegant.

Many people purchase alcohol as a form of self-expression rather than just wanting to get drunk on a low budget. The more you can relate to a customer’s values and personality, the more money your design will attract.

6. Enhance Product Value

Unless you design boxed wine that is always on sale, you should consider what your brand translates to the customer. If you are a premium brand, your goal is to ensure that customers can see and feel that your product is high quality.

This way, they will be more willing to pay extra money for it instead of choosing an inexpensive brand. Your consumers will buy a product if they believe that the price is worth the value and quality of the product.

Although a beautiful bottle design can say that you are the best quality on the shelf, you need to meet people’s expectations by convincing them that they are getting more value than the money they are spending.

7. Use Different Patterns

Depending on your target customers, you may want to use intricate designs, patterns, and creative shapes. You can also dabble with texts, unique fonts, and trendy graphics.

You should also use vivacious colors if you want a bottle label to stand out from the crowd. Use the back of the label to mention all the ingredients and alcohol content.

Then make the most of the front space to show off your vibrant graphics and logo. While your bottle design should be informative, you should also create a look that suits the age of your customers, especially if you are targeting a specific gender.

Design the Best Bottle Today

Now that you know the best tips for designing an alcohol bottle, you have the best chance to showcase your innovation and creativity. Remember that the goal is to sell your product commercially.

Therefore, your labels and bottle design should be attractive to grab attention while your brand builds an emotional connection with your target customer.

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