Types of Land Surveys

A Guide to the Different Types of Land Surveys

Land surveying is an instrumental part of the process of determining boundaries and taxes owed to government entities. The process has ancient roots, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians in 1400BC. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds since the first land surveyors plied their trade, but the importance of the land survey remains.

Knowing the types of land surveys is vital if you’re attempting to divide up your property or lay out streets for a new subdivision. You’ll further your career and make wiser investments when you know the basics of land surveying.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about the common types of surveys in use today. Keep reading for more insight about land surveys today!

Land Survey

Mortgage Surveys

Mortgage surveys are one of the most common types of land surveys you’ll encounter. Banks and title companies request them, and they’re used to determine if there’s any instance of trespassing onto an adjacent lot or property. You can also use a mortgage survey to determine if the property is within the zoning regulations for the area.

You can use a mortgage survey to assess the minor details of a plot of land. You’ll even focus on the locations of trees on the property. Learning what to look for is a detailed land survey essential.

Construction Survey

Another common land survey is the construction survey. The process of a construction survey focuses on staking out the roads, walls, and buildings on the property within the construction site. You’ll provide your construction workers with a road map of where they should start making improvements on the site with this land survey.

Subdivision Survey

Subdivision surveys are used to divide up a larger parcel of land into small lots for real estate developments. Local government agencies require subdivision surveys to move forward with building homes and planning streets on the property.

The planning commission or zoning board will look at the results provided by the land surveyor. They’ll give the green light to proceed with construction after looking at the results. It’s one of the most crucial types of land surveys for progress and land development.

Topographic Survey

Civil engineers take the lead in handling topographic surveys. These professionals use their survey equipment to map out watercourses, roads, and utilities within a parcel of land. Aerial photography is a key component of topographic surveys.

All natural and human-built structures on the property are mapped with a combination of aerial and ground survey methods. It’s a common option for local and state governments when mapping areas.

Master the Types of Land Surveys Today

Taking steps to further your career by learning the types of land surveys used today is wise. Mortgage and subdivision land surveys are a common way to ensure properties don’t trespass when developing parcels of land. Professional civil engineers handle topographic land surveys to assist with mapping areas for the local and state government.

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