Secrets to a Comfortable Ride on Your Motorcycle

Discover The Secrets to a Comfortable Ride on Your Motorcycle

There’s nothing like the feeling of riding a bike on the open highway. However, sitting too long in the same position on a bike can be uncomfortable. The body can only take so much before it gives in. Nobody wants aches and pains when riding. Fortunately, they can be easily avoided if a rider takes certain steps.

Cruise Control

If being more comfortable on your Harley is a priority, try using cruise control. You can ride safely while allowing body parts to have a break and move around a bit. However, there are additional benefits to using cruise control that should be considered.

A person is less likely to get a speeding ticket when using this feature. They maintain a constant speed as they travel. This will save the rider money. In addition, maintaining this constant speed will improve fuel consumption, allowing the rider to save even more.

Wear the Right Gear

The right gear is necessary for a comfortable ride. This gear needs to take into account the ambient conditions. While leather is excellent for preventing or reducing abrasions in an accident, it’s not the best choice in hot climates.

Opt for a mesh jacket instead. If leather is preferred, choose one with ventilated panels to improve airflow while still protecting the rider. Look into a cooling vest or scarf, as well. They reduce the surface temperature of the body to minimize sweat and fatigue.

Upgrade the Seat

Bike manufacturers look for decent materials at affordable prices. Some people find they have no problem with these seats, but other people quickly realize they need to upgrade to a different option. Fortunately, many seat styles are available today.

A wide seat with plenty of padding will be ideal for some riders, as it will minimize pressure points while distributing their weight evenly. Choose a seat with memory foam or get inserts for a more comfortable ride, or opt for one with vibration-dampening technology so road irregularities are less noticeable. Some seats today even come with heating and cooling options, which many riders will love. These are only a few of the many options offered today.

Invest in Earplugs

Every rider should invest in a decent set of earplugs. Wind noise, for example, can reach 90 dB(A) at 38 mph. Most bikers exceed this speed regularly. Over time, the noise a person is exposed to when riding a motorcycle can do permanent damage.

Tinnitus is one problem often seen in bikers. In addition, regular exposure to loud noises can bring about headaches and fatigue. Experienced bikers know how dangerous these common conditions can be when one is operating a motorcycle. Earplugs minimize the noise of the open road while protecting the rider’s hearing. Every biker should have one or more pairs of earplugs with them at all times.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can rapidly ruin what would otherwise be an amazing ride. Spend the money to get a quality hands-free hydration pack and this will never be an issue. There will be no need to remove the helmet and gloves to drink water when this pack is available. It is one item every biker should own.

There are many other ways to improve a biker’s comfort. Carrying weatherproof gear and investing in a good pair of sunglasses are two additional ones. Prioritizing comfort is important if a person is to get the most enjoyment from their bike. Learn more today about how to achieve this goal, so you can fully enjoy the time on your bike.

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