Truth About Tap Water

Discover the Truth About Tap Water And Whether You Can Drink It In An Emergency

Tap water often gets a bad rap as it has a different taste from bottled water. Many people assume this is a sign that it’s not safe to drink. However, the bottom line is simple. Australian tap water is safe to drink, you can drink it all the time or just during an emergency and not suffer any negative side effects.

Why Tap Water Has A Bad Image

The majority of tap water in Australia comes from reservoirs, only a small percentage comes from under the ground. That’s why the water supply is so susceptible to long periods without rain causing droughts.

All the water is fed through the treatment works across the country and is then filtered and treated to make it safe. When it leaves the treatment facility it is tested to confirm it meets current government standards.

However, it then has to travel through miles of pipes to reach each house. That’s where problems can arise. It’s virtually impossible to monitor the pipes, meaning that a small crack can appear and go unnoticed. This allows a little water out and potentially allows contaminants in.

This bad image isn’t helped by the isolated incidents that do cause health issues, such as the 2018 lead warning.

That’s the reason why many homes turn to water filters, specifically choosing ones that offer reverse osmosis. This is one of the most effective ways to remove metals and chemicals from the water.

Fitting a water filter to your home means that you know the water is safe to drink, even, if you’re in an emergency situation. The filtration system will take care of the water for you.

Other Concerns

Unfortunately, isolated incidents in the water supply aren’t the only thing that gives tap water a bad image.

  • Chlorine

Chlorine is added to the water to kill any pathogens present. It’s effective and helps to ensure the water is safe to drink. But, chlorine makes the water taste of bleach. It’s sometimes more noticeable than at other times.

Alongside this, chlorine is a dangerous chemical. In gaseous form, it can play havoc with your respiratory system. For people that suffer from allergies, even the amount in the water can cause an issue.

  • Fluoride

Fluoride has been added to the water supply since the middle of the 20th century. It helps strengthen teeth and bones. However, there is a small amount of research that suggests a link between fluoride consumption and an increased risk of cancer.

That’s enough to make people think about other options, such as bottled water.

Of course, bottled water may be safer to drink but it is in plastic bottles. That’s not so good for the environment which is already fragile.

The bottom line is simple, if you’re in an emergency situation you can drink the tap water. But, for complete peace of mind, fit a filtration device today and know that your tap water is always safe to drink.

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