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Domestic Assault lawyer

Domestic Violence – Why You Need A Domestic Assault Lawyer

According to a domestic assault lawyer, domestic violence happens when family members, relatives, or romantic partners fight or when there are threats. One party could commit an offense like killing or threatening death, harassment, sexual assault, or any crime that could cause bodily harm.

Domestic cases are treated seriously, and the charges in a court of law can be fatal. When a domestic violence case is reported, the police must investigate and report all the cases to court. You are also allowed to be represented by a domestic assault lawyer. Note that the penalties for domestic assaults are harsh and the consequences in court can affect your work and restrict your movements.

  1. Are There Minor And Significant Domestic Abuse Cases?

Whether you are arguing with your wife, husband, or relative, and a neighbor calls the police, this will be treated as a serious offense. Anything perceived as a threat has serious consequences. The police will come to the scene and can arrest both of you, even when you did not fight to cause injuries.

  1. Do The Police Investigate?

Most times, the police will not investigate and hear both sides of the story. This is because the law requires them to lay charges immediately someone reports they have been mistreated. They will first arrest and charge you. Then you can ask questions later. When you are arrested, you can get a domestic assault lawyer to sort the mess.

  1. What If You Don’t Want Your Partner Arrested

Some people call the police to warn the abuser or to help with the fight. This might not go as planned because when the police come, they will arrest your partner and lay charges. They don’t come to negotiate or meditate. They will listen to the victim but might disagree with your views.

  1. Can I Be Put In Custody Even If I Have Never Been Convicted Before?

It will not matter if you have been charged with a criminal case before or not. You might still be put in custody. This is because there have been serious cases reported where one partner killed the other, so it has become dangerous to release domestic violence criminals.

The police will not want to know if you have been charged before or not. When reported, you will be held until your case is heard in court. If the court releases you on bail, you can be given strict conditions, like staying away from the complainant or even family. Failure to follow them will have you jailed.

  1. Bail Conditions You Might Get

Depending on the extent of your case, the court could restrict you from seeing your other partner or children. You can also be banned from going near their workstation. This is done to protect the victim. The court will also rule on how long your restriction will take. You can get a domestic assault lawyer to help you understand these restrictions. However, don’t go for anyone, but an experienced domestic assault lawyer to represent you in the court of law.

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