Emerging Trends In Telecom Industry

Emerging Trends In Telecom Industry In 2021

We all know that 2020 was a year full of problems. We faced so many issues due to this coronavirus. Covid-19  did not just ruin our health but also ruined us financially. 

It also impacted mobile data consumption, voice traffic, residential broadband, and many more. Now the telecom industry has focused on improvising the customer experience and also generating revenue consistently. 

The telecom industry is looking forward to transforming its own industry by introducing some trends that will shape it in 2021.

  • Offer 5G Network 

The demand for the internet has been growing day by day. People are looking forward to accelerated connectivity. Many countries have decided to introduce 5G networking which will transform the network experience of the users. 

The countries where this network will be introduced will experience ultra-speed internet and also ultra-low latency with enhanced user experience in comparison to the 4G network. 

All the telecom companies around the world are looking forward to creating new and innovative use cases for 5G. The 5G stands for the 5th Generation and the telecom companies are looking forward to fulfilling their needs to the fullest. 

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML)

Another best trend that 2021 will have is Artificial intelligence and machine learning. It has been proved that telecom is one of the most drastically growing industries which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

It uses Al and ML to enhance customer experience and also to improve network reliability. Artificial intelligence helps in boosting the digital customer experience and the presence of ML and AL helps in optimizing the networking quality.

  • DevOps 

This is another best thing that has been introduced in the telecom industry in 2021. It has become important because the telecom industry is shifting to virtualization platforms day by day. 

Because of the virtual network functions, the telecom operators are able to deliver new features and functionalities. This is where the help of DevOps is needed. 

Because of the presence of DevOps, it can help in controlling the network, reduce the CAPEX, reduce the time to market for the new applications, and many more. 

  • Mobile edge computing

Many companies are focusing on mobile edge computing as their belief lies in the thought that this will transform the telecom industry in 2021 as a disruptive technology. 

The companies are focusing on this trend because it will bring data storage and computing close to the end-user devices. It will also speed up the processing of the real-time collected data. 

  • SD-WAN Turned SASE

As the world has totally changed since 2020, the telecom industries have focused more on the core telecom and also their networking services. They are relying more on their SD-WAN for intelligence path control and also the traffic steering based on the application. 

SD-WAN has been maturing in itself as time is passing and the focus on security has become more and more. SD-WAN and security have become important in 2021.

  • IoT

One of the most important trends that impacts the telecom industry is the IoT i.e. internet of things. The Internet of things is the connection of devices, the endpoints, and also the assets that never before had been able to communicate with the network. 

In 2021, the telecom industries are focusing on the demand of the new IoT applications and also the solutions. The presence of covid 19 and the loss it created has made companies all around the world become more focused and creative.

In conclusion, these were some of the recent trends that the telecom industry is focusing on so that a massive wave of transformation could be done. The ones who are a part of the telecom industry need to leverage more in these telecom trends so that they can hold on to the potential to evolve the digital customer experience for good.  We highly recommend the readers to partner with the experienced consulting and the technology and also the network service providers that focus on the change. We hope these upcoming trends will show up to be successful and also prove to impact our lives in a positive way.

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