Factors to Consider Before Hiring a ReactJS Developer — Agency vs Inhouse

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a ReactJS Developer — Agency vs Inhouse

Having websites and applications is paramount for all organisations as they build their online persona and drive larger audiences. However, developing both these web-based products is a lot of work. The entire website and application development process comprises several steps, and thus, choosing the proper front-end framework and library is one crucial decision.

It is when ReactJS comes into the picture. ReactJS is extremely popular in the field of technology. An open-source JavaScript library, ReactJS is used by developers to build UI for single-page apps, webpage, and websites. As per strata, with 40.14% of respondents, ReactJS has been ranked first in the list of the most commonly used frameworks. 

Now that ReactJS is easy to use, convenient, offers flexibility, and enables creating a user-friendly interface, it is only advantageous to Hire React JS Developer to create a robust product. In this blog, we’ve enlisted vital factors that need to be considered to hire the best ReactJS developer.

Hiring a ReactJS Developer

Job Responsibilities of a React JS Developer

Knowing the primary responsibilities of a ReactJS developer will help you make a detailed decision:

  • Creating highly responsive user interface (UI) components with the help of the ReactJS toolkit.
  • Using wireframes and mock designs to build high-quality UI codes.
  • Reviewing requirements and interface designs of an application. 
  • Coordinating with the web development team to discuss user interfaces, websites, and application ideas. 
  • Identifying web-based user interactions. 
  • Checking the application code continuously to enhance its performance. 
  • Handling application’s state and functional libraries for building asynchronous API calls and utilising ReactJS workflows, such as redux and Context, for collecting computed data from the state.
  • Developing and optimising reusable HTML, CSS, or JS components and making these components cross-compatible. 
  • Writing advanced, to-point, and expressive application interface codes using the JavaScript, CSS-pre-processors, and Stylesheets features. 
  • Conducting the QA process, like end-to-end testing, unit testing, integration testing, and more. 

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a React JS Developer

With more than 9,600,000 live websites and 10,234 renowned organisations using ReactJS worldwide, Hiring React JS Developer is only profitable. However, not every ReactJS developer is the same. Therefore, you need to consider several factors to choose the best developer. So, here given are vital factors to consider before hiring a ReactJS developer:

●      Knowledge Base in the Relevant Technologies 

Mastering a single technology is not sufficient for a ReactJS developer. They must be capable enough to work with several related technologies and React-compatible frameworks such as Ruby, Laravel, Rails, Django, and many others. 

●      Proficient at Planning Tasks and Sprints for Independent Projects 

Whether the hired ReactJS developers will report to the project manager or not, it’s a must for developers to plan and organise their duties independently. Moreover, they should be efficient enough to meet the timeframe set for independent projects. It will be a plus point if they are well-versed in task management tools to track the progress of sprints.

●      Experience Carried in Relevant Field 

Since web development involves a practical application, hiring an experienced ReactJS developer is always best. In addition, a web developer can sharpen his skills by practising them for years.

●      Different Skill Sets Required for React JS Developer

Hiring ReactJS developers with the below-listed skills is necessary to meet significant duties and perform result-oriented jobs:

–        Basic Knowledge of EcmaScript and JavaScript

A ReactJS developer who knows the JS features, syntax, and functions and has detailed knowledge of EcmaScript can create responsive web-based and static applications. In addition, they must have enough experience in dealing with DOM manipulation, JavaScript scopes, functions, ES6 syntax, event bubbling, and hoisting.

–        Basic Knowledge Base of CSS Styling Methods

The React ecosystem is enormous and contains reusable parts in large numbers. Therefore, it is a must for a ReactJS developer to be well-versed in styling tactics and React fundamentals.  

Regarding styling methods, the developer should have a basic knowledge of CSS styling techniques (JSS, JS-In-CSS, CSS preprocessors, and CSS frameworks), React components, and third-party styling libraries to build engaging user interfaces. 

–        Testing Frameworks and Tools     

 A professional ReactJS developer will always know how to use unit testing frameworks and technologies, such as Chai, Jest, Mocha, Tape, etc. Moreover, they should have excellent command over integration testing tools, end-to-end testing tools, and frameworks like Karma, WebDriver work, Selenium, CucumberJS, Puppeteer, and more. 

–        Basic Knowledge of Version Control Systems

A trustworthy version control system is necessary to speed up the development process when developing a complex React application. In such a case, you should put together a team of competent ReactJS developers who are well-versed in an array version control system (VCS), like Git, TFS, Mercurial, firebase, SVN, and others. 

Furthermore, ReactJS developers with a basic knowledge of VCSs come to help compare old-new code, analyse current code, and minimise errors quickly and effectively. 

–        Strong Hold on JS Build Tools

A ReactJS developer can be called proficient when he can maximise the React library and deal with build tools. Hiring front-end ReactJS developers with a firm hold on JS tools, like Redux, DevTools, and react developer tools (Google Chrome), can be a plus point. Some popular build tools include yarn, Visual Studio Code, NPM, and Webpack.

In addition, ReactJS developers should be well-versed in optimising workflows, installing and handling packages, and controlling dependencies with the help of these JS Build tools. 

●      Flexible Learning Curve

ReactJS is one of the finest libraries for web development, and it undergoes enormous changes and progresses every other day. Therefore, it’s worth hiring ReactJS developers who are dedicated enough to learn technology updates and changes when required.

Agency vs In-house React JS developer

When deciding whether to hire a ReactJS agency or in-house ReactJS developers, consider going through the pros of both solutions to make a detailed decision.

Pros of Hiring Agency

Following mentioned are the benefits of working with the ReactJS agency:

  • Bureaucracy will be limited to the minimum
  • Easy access to the expansive talent pool
  • Clarity regarding final recruitment cost
  • More efficient budget planning as there will be no unexpected leaves 
  • No long-term commitment, as the contract will be terminated once the project is finished
  • No need to spend your crucial time micromanaging the project or developers
  • Easy access to technical consultations
  • Capable of scaling up and down the external team at a faster rate
  • You can take advantage of the agency’s experience working on similar projects
  • You will have access to an entire team of developers, architects, engineers, and seniors, not just a single individual. 

When hiring ReactJS developers from a reputed agency, mark ZealousWeb as the primary choice. You can easily avail of the above-discussed benefits when working with this web and digital marketing agency. 

Pros of Hiring In-house

Following mentioned are the benefits of hiring in-house ReactJS developers:

  • Easy to manage, control, and coordinate with an internal developer
  • Quick and easy face-to-face communication
  • Enhanced team engagement and dedication
  • No language barriers

Hiring React JS Developer Based on Project Requirements and Expenditure Budget

It is nearly impossible to hire the right ReactJS developer without knowing your project requirements and budget. Figuring out your project needs and budget will help in determining what skills you want in your developer and the maximum cost your company can afford. 

Moreover, it’s essential to communicate your project requirements and expectations to the ReactJS agency or developer you are interviewing to ensure you and your candidates are on the same page. In addition, it will help you know if they have sufficient experience to work on projects similar to yours and how they will work on your project.

Make sure to sign a win-win agreement covering all critical terms of the collaboration, including a budget, fines, and deadlines with the recruited ReactJS developer. 


ReactJS is the most commonly used framework and library in this technologically advanced era. ReactJS is famous for offering several advantages, such as easy coding, flexibility, maintenance, enhanced productivity, the rapid development of robust products, and more. Organisations need to hire a qualified and experienced ReactJS developer to enjoy all these benefits.

Due to the extensive application of ReactJS, you can find hundreds to thousands of individual ReactJS developers and agencies claiming to provide excellent services. But not everyone is proficient enough to build a web development product successfully. This blog will guide you on how to Hire React JS Developer best suited for your project. 

ZealousWeb is a one-stop destination for getting the best ReactJS developers for your project. With years of experience, our ReactJS developers are known for providing excellent services and creating highly responsive web-based products.

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