Fake It, ‘Till You Make It: The Fantasy of Top Pornstar’s Videos

Despite what you are seeing- adult erotica takes time, magic, and a whole lot of preparation to make it look effortless. 

Ah, pornography. For most of us, at some point in our lives, we were exposed to some type of pornographic material prior to actually getting to experience the joy of sex for ourselves. So while porn is often used as some youthfully misguided sex education, we as adults know better. Or at least, should know better. 

“Pornography is rarely something that is just slapped together, or filmed in real-time.” Say the providers of the internet’s top pornstars videos at Porndoe. “These sorts of productions take weeks, or even months to complete, have a number of pre- and post-production edits, and frankly just aren’t anything like what the product comes out looking like.” Porndoe says that many people don’t seem to appreciate just how much movie magic goes into creating these top pornstars. Videos, camera angles, Lucy breaks, fluffers, pills, and potions all go into making these seemingly seamless cinematic enterprises. 

The Reality Behind the Fantasy 

So, what exactly is it that we all seem to be missing? After viewing a ton of pornography, speaking to the experts and Porndoe, and interviewing a few of the top pornstars the world round- these were the four themes that just kept popping up. 

It’s All in the Angles 

While it is true that most male pornstars have abnormally large members, the flames rarely have the types of bodies that are seen on screen. Many of the top pornstar’s videos are filled to the brim with what appear to be seriously curvaceous babes- but in reality, most female pornstars are tiny. Think of Carmen Electra, an icon of the 90’s from going from porn to Baywatch, this little lady barely scrapes 5 feet tall, with an arguably enhanced bosom for sure, but the rest of her measurements are fairly diminutive. This is normal for porn, as most female pornstars are not the fat bottomed girls you see on screen, but instead lithe, little lovelies in real life. They often appear much curvier than they are thanks to clever camera shots and post-production edits. 

Anal Isn’t for Everyone 

In porn, anal seems to be a spontaneous, delightful, easy to fall into sort of situation. However, the reality of this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only do the industry’s top professionals have to undergo a number of different preparations, but there is also a ton of buildup that you just don’t see as a viewer. Properly enjoying anal takes practice and lube. Lots and lots of lube. It’s also important to consider your and your partner’s sexual health and use protection. The membranes and skin that cover both the interior and exterior of your posterior are exceptionally fragile- so most anal aficionados “train” their derrières to take a pounding. This often requires the use of buttplugs of varying sizes, a number of different lubricants, and a slow introduction of whatever object is being used. Anal can be super enjoyable, but it’s not something you just jump into. 

Yes, They Are Acting 

Pornstars are people. This means that just like you don’t spend your downtime scanning the food in your cupboards, holding court in your living room, or performing surgery on your cat- pornstars also leave their work at the office. This means that it’s exceeding rare for a pornstar to engage in that type of Olympic gymnast style sex at home. In fact, most pornstars seem to have a tendency to describe their actual sex lives as “vanilla” or “ordinary”. And no, they’re not horny all the time, some are married, others date. The real facts behind the porn fantasy are that pornstars are pretty much the same as you or I, they go to work, do a job, get paid, come home, and live their lives. 

Porn is Built for Viewers

The top pornstar’s videos on the web show a variety of different acrobatics, kinks, and… bodily functions that frankly- aren’t the norm. Most of these things are hugely exaggerated, just like the moans and groans discussed above. In fact, many performers don’t indulge in their on-screen kinks at home, leaving them instead for the workplace. This is part of what makes porn so enjoyable. It is fantasy turned up to eleven. Pornography, much like major cinema, takes our small desires- and blows them up into something even Jerry Bruckheimer might consider to be over the top. For most porn viewers, and cinema-goers, it’s not that we actually want to live a life as a secret agent or a DTF mail-order stepmom, but the exploitation of that fantasy that keeps us coming back for more. 

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