Famisafe, Mobile Parental Control to Protect Your Children

Your children are able to use the technology around them is the best news. But, after all, they are children and therefore they need a learning guide to teach them to use that technology in a responsible way.

This is precisely the task of parental control applications, a digital education tool in which an adult supervises the use that the minor makes of the smartphone, controlling the content to which the minor has access to ensure that they are appropriate for their age; establish hours of use, so that the use of the smartphone does not overshadow other educational activities; or avoid “Cyberbullying” or cyberbullying by other minors.

The parental control systems should not be seen as a tool of punishment or pressure by either party, but as a tool that is there to protect you from the dangers of the Internet.

This point is especially important since, if the minor consider that parental control is a form of control over their freedom, they will avoid using their device to establish communications and will use other means beyond your control.

For this reason, communication and trust must be constant when minors use their own device.

Famisafe, simple parental control available to everyone

Many parents do not use any type of parental control on their children’s smartphones because they believe that they are complicated to use and their technical knowledge is not enough to configure an efficient control system for their children’s smartphones or tablets.

The operation of Famisafe is really simple. The first step is to register for the Famisafe service by creating a user account that you will later use to access the application’s functions and its control panel.

Afterward, all you have to do is install the Famisafe application on both the minor’s device and the adult’s device, who will be in charge of the management. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you will not have problems with compatibility with the operating system.

The Famisafe configuration on the child’s device is slightly different from that of the adult since access permissions must be granted so that the app can send the information to the adult device.

Famisafe guides you through the entire process, providing you with access to the settings that you have to activate for the application to work, so it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to configure it.

The control panel is installed in the adult’s device, which allows receiving information on the use and positioning of the minor’s smartphone or tablet.

Maximum protection for your children just one click away

The activity of the minor’s device is monitored from the adult control panel, with special emphasis on three fronts: location of the device, control of content, and control of mobile use.

All you have to do is access and configure each one of them so that the information related to the pages your child visits is displayed if he receives suspicious messages, how much time he spends playing, or if he enters and leaves school or his extracurricular activities on time.

Content control on the device

Do you know who your son is exchanging messages with, or if he is receiving cyberbullying from one of his schoolmates? Famisafe can help you protect your children by detecting offensive content in messaging applications.

The Famisafe control panel you will find the explicit content detection option, from which you can configure which applications the parental control will monitor. When the minor receives some type of insult or threat through the activated applications, you will receive a notification and a copy of the message.

These measures will help you detect if your children are being victims of some type of cyberbullying and you can take the appropriate measures.

In a similar way, the Famisafe is capable of detecting suspicious or inappropriate photos on the child’s device, so that it can alert you to a case of sexting, or some type of extortion.

The content filtering also affects Internet content displayed on the device, so that searches the contents of character inappropriate for a child lock. In this way, minors gain technological autonomy by being able to collect their own information from the Internet but doing so in a safe environment and without violent, sexual, or discriminatory content.

Know the location of your child at all times

Famisafe takes advantage of the smartphone’s location functions to indicate where it is at all times.

This parental control function is presented in two ways, establishing geophones in which a perimeter is set around a location and alerts you if the child leaves or enters it, or through a location history that shows the route that has followed the smartphone during the day.

Time control, the key to enjoying technology

As in everything, abusing technology is not healthy. While it is true that technology education is very important, it should not become the center of the child’s life.

In reality, receiving so many stimuli from the Internet, games, etc., it is easy for time to pass almost without realizing it. For this reason, it is important to establish limits of use so that technology does not interfere with studies and other types of activities necessary for their social and intellectual education.

The Famisafe parental control system offers several time- of-use control alternatives that can be combined with each other.

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