FIFA Coins

FIFA Coins- What Are They and Why You Need Them

Tell me a game that has no in-game currency and I’ll tell you a game that has one; FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA as we all know is the most popular soccer game out there and it hasn’t been what it is if not for EA Sports that always keep looking for ways to improve gaming standards as well as user experience.

Besides FIFA’s popularity, Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA.

FUT allows players to create their team and also take charge of customizing other things such as the stadium, crowds, banners, etc. Another fun part of FUT is that you can trade your cards for coins and use those to create a better team.

Wait a bit, I did mention coins, right?

So, what are they meant for? This will be worth knowing if you’re new to FUT, so let’s get to know what are coins used for, in FIFA.

What Are FIFA Coins?

Coins are the virtual currencies in FIFA and are used to buy items on the transfer market & also buy packs in the store.

The entire concept behind the Ultimate Teams revolves around getting coins and building up your team along with the tide.

Why You Need FIFA Coins

Having FIFA coins in your gaming account means you have something of value, and depending on the number of coins you have, they can be useful for you in building up a better squad.

If you want to survive on FUT, then you’ll need FIFA coins to trade your cards and purchase better players that have greater skills.

You should consider coins as money, so, if their amount could cover the cost of a particular card on the transfer market or store pack, then you can easily initiate a purchase.

How to Earn FIFA Coins

Now that you know what FIFA coins are, and why you need them, you might be wondering how to get them I guess.

There are several ways you can earn FIFA coins and here they are:

–        Participating in Ultimate Team matches.

–        Trading of cards on the transfer market.

–        Buying from console stores and trusted retailers.

–        Using the direct sell feature to sell your items

–        Having coins as rewards or gifts.

Moreover, you can choose to buy and sell FIFA coins or by having them transferred, but doing so would mean that you’re violating EA Sport’s terms of services. Therefore, your account is prone to penalties if discovered.

What is the Validity Period for FUT Coins?

Your coins remain on the current version where you have them, and cannot be carried over to a later FIFA version.


Now that you have a glimpse about what FIFA coins are, and why you need some, the next thing you need to know is what it takes to get as much as you needed.

The truth is that you can get coins through the means we’ve outlined earlier, but trading them seems more promising, especially if you coul d automate the process by using a premium FIFA Autotrading App called FUTMillionaire.

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